paving in a sentence

Example sentences for paving

On top of the cylinder is a big paving stone, which adds another eight inches or so of protection.
These mix opposition to national reforms such as taxing food and medicines with local issues such as paving roads.
And no one has asked the mayor to support a trucking or paving contract or questionable residential developments.
Cigarette smoke damages the artery wall, paving the way for inflammation and cholesterol build-up.
But the flight proved that a living being could survive in space, paving the way for human flight.
If so, the will to pursue alternatives to paving over large tracts of forest remains elusive.

Famous quotes containing the word paving

Stone, bronze, stone, steel, stone, oakleaves, horses' heels Over the paving. And the flags. And the trumpe... more
The most excellent symbol of the people is the paving stone. One walks on it until it falls on one's head.... more
The last resort of kings, the cannonball. The last resort of the people, the paving stone.... more
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