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For spurge growing in cracks in pavement, use a hand weeder.
Now, inviting layers of landscape and hardscape replace those impersonal expanses of wall and pavement.
The starter presses a hand trigger, and the paddles holding the cars in their ramps slap to the pavement.
The middle section would pour concrete in a never-ending flow, with the rear portion leveling the still soft pavement.
It goes across neighborhoods that don't even have pavement in the streets for cars.
Pavement ends abruptly in water, bayous reach toward roadsides, and mossy crypts tumble into bays.
Communities are left to struggle with the consequences of too much pavement and too little oversight.
Bugs are less attracted to roadways with white hatch marks on the pavement.
We cover vast tracts of land with pavement where the previous life is completely extinguished.
Before pavement and machine road grading, it was always far cheaper and easier to use waterways for trade and travel.
The sky was pale blue, and there were thin shadows of tree branches on the pavement.
Royal enthusiasts are arranging parties and camping out on the pavement along the procession route, hoping for a view.
He seemed mesmerized by the oncoming pavement, or by some idea or formulation glimpsed in the immateriality beyond the pavement.
The occasional clinking of feet kicking parts on the concrete pavement was the only nearby sound.
At the port the soldiers occupy a modest patch of pavement and try to stay out of the way.
Their shocking conclusion is that cyclists often ride on the pavement, along bus lanes and the wrong way up one way streets.
Dogs and horses, too-everyone stands on the pavement, soaking up rays.
In places the weeds grew six and seven feet high beside the pavement.
People were spilling into the streets, their prayer rugs rolled out on the pavement.
The pavement industries, unsurprisingly, also urge more road investment.
Some species, such as the pavement ant, prefer medians with more concrete.
In other words, bring rain gear and know your comfort level with slick pavement.
Aim your sprinklers toward vegetation and away from pavement.
Wet pavement reflects the autumn colors of fallen leaves.
Once you leave the capital, pavement is a novelty, and my driver chose trails from landmarks on the horizon.
It reminded me of the way air wavers above hot pavement.
Look at your car sitting there in the driveway-sad, squat, all four tires on the pavement.
He realized that he was actually standing on a pavement of cocoons, some as small as rice grains, others as big as walnuts.
They yank his limp body off the pavement by grabbing the silver chain around his neck.
They plunge the clangor of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.
He tries to fight but is clubbed to the pavement and fallen upon.
Also some steps up to it, and some fine pavement about it, doth well.
They laid her on the granite pavement of the embankment.
She was then made to walk barefoot over the rough pavement to the bottom of the flight of steps leading up to the door.
Smote him upon the mouth, and dragged him down to the pavement.
The ducts are lined at their origins by epithelium which differs little from the pavement form.
The pavement gives way to dirt roads, green bamboo growing everywhere.
However, the crew may not have begun the takeoff roll from the start of the pavement.
Water seeps under the road surface, then expands as it freezes, forcing the pavement to bulge.
It's impossible to spin the tires for a dry pavement drag race start with so much traction from the all-wheel-drive.
That's a higher rate of off-pavement use than a lot of more rough-and-ready-looking four-wheel-drive vehicles get.
Water over a road, no matter how deep, can hide washed-out pavement.
Rain creates slick pavement, and snow makes for icy travel conditions.
Crews are removing pavement and replacing it with new concrete, and installing new runway lighting.
Your progress along the pavement is slowed by a thick mesh of street vendors.
And people hand-pick their fresh fruit and vegetables from hand-cart hawkers and pavement vendors.
One doctor frets that patients might leave needles on the pavement outside her surgery if they found it shut after hours.
Their power-hungry largesse is left to stream wastefully out onto the pavement.
In both cases, police appear to have decided on a cover-up even before the blood on the pavement was dry.
When he camped on the pavement outside the prime minister's home, hundreds camped beside him.
But those who cannot afford a counter in the tower open shop on the pavement outside.
They then sit on the pavement in a busy road, sell the lot in a couple of hours, go home to cook and care for their families.
He has proposed a set of symbols that can be scribbled on the pavement using chalk to signal the presence of a nearby hotspot.
The only sound you could hear were raindrops hitting the pavement.
And blood stained the pavement where they now picket.
Our generation needs this to get our attention off the cracks in the pavement and more down the road.
If the weather's fine, munch your warm brioche at one of the tables on the pavement.
So we're to conclude that a few feet of pavement somehow are more pavement than a mile of pavement.
The pavement is pocked with blast craters from improvised explosive devices.
The important thing is that every spring, every crack in every pavement is filled with dandelions.
It's about speed, it's about racing, it's about wheels to the pavement.
They ran and tackled each other along the edge of a pavement, in view of an unoccupied public field equipped with proper goals.
The busiest intersection is a simple round-about, with no stoplights, signs or even white lines on the pavement.
That's how searching the woods or parks or even cracks in the pavement for edible plants has become the latest culinary obsession.
Point it down and you'll see car wheels and pavement.

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