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And only after this brief pause did he get into the taxi and sit down, upright and rigid, and wait for directions.
Vincent was the third witness to testify that there was a pause between two volleys of gunshots.
Because higher interest rates take a while to show their full effect, prudence suggests a pause.
The number, juxtaposed next to the recycle symbol, gives you pause.
But they didn't pause when fake typos appeared on-screen only.
Testing will begin in spring training, pause for the regular season and then resume.
The fact that it's been on the market for a couple of months gives me pause.
No doubt, vanloads of riot police lining the roads give would-be protesters pause for thought.
But on the phone, no one can predict when it's their turn, and people cut each other off or pause too long.
But the intensity of pursuit makes one pause and speculate a bit.
Pause at one of the pullouts and you'll get a sense of the geologic powers that shaped the canyon.
Your download resumes with only the slightest pause while you go over your digital slide presentation one more time.
Not long ago a new couple in town threw a party that gave some people pause.
Let me pause here to comment on a popular graduate-student pastime: complaining about grad school.
On the way out of camp there was a pause for the traditional blessing.
Take a minute to pause your reading and think about the feeling of your clothes against your skin.
The adult giraffes pause and regard us nonchalantly before going back to their browsing.
The commentary gave me pause to rethink it in somewhat more generous terms.
As you read, pause occasionally and encourage students to talk about how sunflowers grow.
It is telling a morality story that should give pause to all academics in power.
It's okay to pause and come up with a good response.
Pause when appropriate to discuss students' observations and questions.
Their movement is almost as distinctive as their call: hasten and pause, hasten and pause.
She told me to speak slowly, breathe, and not be afraid to pause while speaking.
As they read, pause to discuss how prior knowledge is helping them learn new information.
It might reinforce your decision, or give you pause.
Pause the simulation and explain that the dolphins are becoming alarmed at the number of tiger sharks swimming around.
At several points, the game appears to pause for half a second before it abruptly transitions to a completely new segment.
Interesting new twist on the application process, and gives us pause.
Encourage students to pause after they read each section to sum up the main idea.
Finally they have a skip and pause button built into the cable.
After a pause to reposition the ropes, they slowly pulled up a plain wooden box.
While you can pause and scrub forward and back on programming, you are a captive audience to the ads.
During the video, pause wherever appropriate to check students' comprehension.
Pause often to look up at the marvelous buildings, but pay close attention to where you step.
Pause in the forgotten valleys and villages of this mystical land of artists and visionaries.
That's a good enough match to the measured value to give pause for thought.
The reward of a great program running flawlessly ought to give programmers pause.
Nowadays this wouldn't even provoke a pause in the conversation.
As witnesses describe it, he would rise and then pause in the air before coming down.
For some writers, the end of a chapter is little more than a pause for breath.
They pause or dive for dictionaries and laptops, or turn to ask.
To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked.
When he is finished speaking to you, he goes on to his next call without a pause.
After a ghastly pause, he stammers and makes a deadpan joke, barely retrieving the situation.
He might also have been given pause by the experience of his predecessor.
So the world's next generation of nuclear enthusiasts should give us pause.
We are pleased to announce that the pause in new calls-to-active duty has been lifted.
The first sign of a pause frequently comes many hours after it actually begins as the lava output at the ocean declines.
In one outcome, the customer returns the money promptly, without pause.
Try to pause only as the grammar might pause, if necessary exaggerating the effect a little to hear what the author has done.
Her new article, however, gave the magazine's staff pause.
My father instructed me how to read the letter, what words to stress, when to pause.
The astounding array of particulars invites one to pause and see if he cannot abstract the generals.
During the second plane incident and the subsequent pause, there was also the wailing for a fire siren.
All this should give you pause long enough to take bearings.
Such claims should give us pause-we're talking about a job here, not a religious experience.
Whatever weariness he felt at the crush of the public gaze, he was almost always willing to pause for the shot.
After a pause, the participants see two sets of dots side by side.
While the situations-research subject vs crime suspect-are of course quite different, the parallels are enough to give one pause.
There is much in navigating treetops to give an orangutan pause.
The implications of this are worth a moment's pause.
Michelle, even better is when the mentioning of my name is preceded or or followed by a pregnant pause.
It's not the little rocks that are a threat, it's the multi mile wide rocks that really give me pause.
All of this can, and should, give one pause few of these winning techniques are top secret.
Toggle between play and pause over and over until you catch one in transit.

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