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Line up your plants on the ground in the pattern you expect to plant so you can see the whole design at once.
Like a fingerprint, no two patterns are precisely the same.
These he sets against a glowing, golden pattern featuring a sequence of dragons encircled in decorative rings.
We have to put things through our minds to make sense of them, and our minds crave pattern and order.
We found that simple, high-contrast patterns worked best.
The basic patterns are more imaginative, too.
Researchers have found a fractal pattern underlying everyday math.
Past weather patterns contribute to the picture, as do current observations.
Intervening obstacles influence the pattern of migration.
The same pattern holds for other measures of infrastructure.
There's an odd pattern here.
Using the poker, poke through the paper making dots along each outline on the pattern.
It could be the start of a new long-term pattern that sees the meadow more in sync, seasonally speaking, with down-mountain areas.
For a random pattern, twist and scrunch the fabric, using rubber bands to hold the t-shirt in that position.
But the amount and pattern of warming that's been measured can't be explained by these factors alone.
The precision of the background star trails is an interesting contrast to the chaotic pattern of the firefly flashes.
Physical systems and environmental characteristics do not, by themselves determine the pattern of human activity.
Over time these wooden posts decayed, leaving deep indentations in a circular pattern.
Climate is the long-term pattern of weather in a particular area.
Perhaps nowhere is this pattern more apparent than among the largest freshwater fish.
The colorful pattern makes monarchs easy to identify-and that's the idea.
The school day has taken on a familiar pattern or cycle.
Each blinking pattern is an optical signal that helps fireflies find potential mates.
The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system.
Midday rally falters as erratic pattern of trading continues.
Use round stickers, available from office supply stores, to create a polka-dot pattern.
Move the projector forward or back until the pattern on the canvas is the desired size.
Trace our pattern on heavy paper or lightweight cardboard, or use cookie cutters in any shape.
Both its open pattern and its peeling bark remind me a little of eucalyptus.
Next, tape off the pattern with thin painter's tape.
Plan to use a turnbuckle for every three or four turns of the pattern.
The pattern in the plywood valences was created with drill bits in varying sizes.
The fruit makes a beautiful pattern as it sinks in during baking, and the cake is never soggy.
The stiff horizontal branches are set in a herringbone pattern.
Celebrate a mismatched but beloved collection by arranging them in an asymmetrical wavelike pattern on a plain white wall.
Choose a sprinkler with a pattern that matches the shape of the lawn you need to irrigate.
Rouse says with this pretty pattern to look at her second story view is better than ever.
Shifting of sounds without destruction of phonetic pattern.
Both the rogues begged him to be so good as to come nearer, and asked if he did not approve of the colors and the pattern.
Let him not complain of being cheated who buys cloth by the pattern.
True they have tried, but their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition.
Perpetually the eye is on the point of descrying a pattern in this weaving, and perpetually it is cheated by change.
Here are three types, the common factor being that the music always provided the pattern for the words.
And there were great differences from the human pattern in their teeth.
What they did is the pattern of right, the unwritten law to which he yields a blind unquestioning obedience.
His command of the secrets of rhythm and a subtle versification give his lines a firm delicacy and beauty of pattern.
Everywhere the nobility rebuilt or extended their chateaux to the new pattern.
Light reflected from it forms an interference pattern that can be captured by a camera.
The details of this pattern are exquisitely sensitive to what the molecules in the membrane are doing.
Switching the focus to people transforms one's impression of the figures, for now one sees a strongly downward-sloping pattern.
By a wide margin, people believe the reports are isolated incidents, not part of a wider pattern.
But in the last couple of years, the pattern changed.
Officials have not confirmed this, but it would follow a wearily familiar pattern for shipowners using the waterway.
But it was received badly because it seemed to confirm a worrying pattern of overshoots.
Whenever a matching pattern is found, the software makes a note.
To decide whether the tropics are a cradle or a museum, though, involves picking this pattern apart with statistics.
There is evidence of genetic influence, but no clear pattern of inheritance.
Moreover, the obesity-rate indices followed a similar pattern.
Not only was he far slower than the average, but the pattern of his results was strange.
There was a time when negotiations between management and labour followed a predictable pattern.
For a time, it looked as if a pattern had been established.
And the world had to face up to changes in the pattern of food demand, reversing decades of declining real prices.
It begins with a strong demand from investors for a particular, often safe, pattern of cash flows.
Light striking this pattern is scattered as though it were actually striking the object encoded by the interference pattern.
When the beams merge, they form an interference pattern.
Arrange strawberries in a decorative pattern over cream.
The unique pattern on the sheets is created when they are dried on bamboo trays.
Butter cookies are leaf-shaped, also cut in clover-leaf pattern, these tickled with egg yolk to give a golden hue.
Thanks to this pattern, he has been able to work efficiently now for twenty-seven years.
They have a pattern of lawbreaking, political manipulation, and obfuscation.
The only way to break this pattern was for the government to step in and regulate the moneymen.
Some commentators suspected the bridge's foundations, others an unusual air pattern.
The seats were upholstered in an abstract blue pattern cribbed, maybe, from a stewardess's scarf.
Their first encounter apparently set the pattern between pastor and parishioner whenever politics came up in church.
The growth of his reputation established what has become the familiar pattern for experimental artists.
The atoll's evacuation fits into a pattern of grim, if unsurprising, news.
Then there are your own characteristics-for example, your drinking pattern.
And that set the pattern of our twice- and sometimes thrice-weekly encounters for the next five years.
Pattern types are often genetically inherited, but the individual details that make a fingerprint unique are not.
Because he's winning, his brain sees a pattern and thinks that the winning streak will continue, so he keeps gambling.
To complete the imaging, that interference pattern must be detected.
Suppose that the complex has a wheel-and-spoke pattern, with one igloo at the center and six at the perimeter.
Begin with a random-dot pattern about five square centimeters in size.
Each aroma pumped across the array induces a unique pattern of responses that is fed into a computer.
The wear pattern on the fossil bone tools, they observed, closely resembles the modern termiting tool pattern.
As you go to smaller dimensions, the total distance the beam has to travel to make the pattern keeps going up.
In addition, the pattern of energy distribution matched the distribution of auroral activity.
High-intensity radiation suddenly sweeps in from across the universe, in a spherical pattern focused on a point in space.
Random, quasi-periodic, signals varied across cortex with the amplitude pattern being consistent for given stimulus.
The researchers found that the two dunes initially form a hybrid state in which they become fused in a complex pattern.
Every firefly species that flashes produces a unique pattern while courting.
We have to fly at the time of the year when this weather pattern occurs, which is late winter.
It is designed to mimic the stone block pattern and preserve the general shape of the beloved national icon.
In some, lights are attached to the people's hands so that their movements describe a pattern in a time exposure.
Nevertheless, he succeeded in populating the entire district in record time, creating a pattern for many later settlements.
The paleontologists looked at the growth pattern in the bones of the dinosaur to find the answer.
Our research shows that a kernel of that pattern of speaking begins to form in the brain well before actual production of speech.
They're quick enough to not interfere with your regular sleep pattern or make you feel groggy afterwards.
It controls the color, pattern and even texture of its skin for camouflage to hide itself in its sandy or rocky surroundings.
Though seemingly irrational, this pattern of faculty politics is familiar to anyone who has worked in a university.
One installation involved a room wallpapered in a bright pink, yellow and green pattern.
There are nine giraffe subspecies, each distinguished by its range and the color and pattern of its coat.
For me it's a fascination with a behavior pattern that is opposite my own.
The same pattern holds in reverse for tests of spatial reasoning.
Sixteen holes filled with dynamite formed a blast pattern that loosened a chunk of copper ore to be transported to the surface.
That's a report on a particular pattern of behavior, and an evolutionary story to explain the behavior.
The studies have also highlighted body reactions that are signs of this pattern and are tied to criminality.
Then they were to scan the image into their computer and repeat it to create an entirely new pattern.
It's a pattern followed by new students and their families all over the country.
But what really intrigued the researchers was the diversity of experiences underneath that general pattern.
Clearly, higher education cannot continue its pattern of annual increases in costs without the system's becoming unglued.
It doesn't even take a loose form of conjecture to see the pattern.
In that, our libraries are following a pattern already established in their parent universities.
Almost everyone in our profession is familiar with the pattern that leads to that staggering late-stage attrition rate.
Ironically, that pattern of behavior foreshadows the professional lifestyles awaiting the students.
Administrators there have responded by accusing the professor of a pattern of inappropriate speech and behavior.
Show your pattern of success to date, and tell them what you want to do with the post if it's offered to you.
Also, no flowers or other pattern on the skirt itself.
My approach to blogs is really scattershot and has no clear pattern.
He might not want to have a computer flag him as suspicious because he has an unusual pattern of behavior.
The pattern persists even if the cells are in complete darkness or complete light.
But the clumpy pattern of gases hints that a violent interaction between two stars led to its formation.
Pattern-recognition software interprets his commands to move a virtual hand through a series of pre-programmed grasps.
If industrial growth proceeds according to its accepted pattern, everyone is imperiled.
The second problem is the conflation of emotional intelligence and a certain preferred pattern of behavior.
After the second pause, the alert ear reasonably expects the pattern of paired-off phrases to continue.
One possible explanation for this pattern is that the equity premium has eroded.
We bloggers have scant opportunity to collect our thoughts, to wait until events have settled and a clear pattern emerges.
It's a method that protects radio communications from enemy snoops by switching frequencies in a preprogrammed pattern.
We've been trying out other strings and the pattern appears to hold.
Sometimes he'll opt for an unusual pattern or richer pink tone.
When this stage is reached, the drug-taking pattern broadens: the user takes a wider variety of drugs with increasing frequency.
We are going to eliminate some things from the curriculum, and federal aid to education will doubtless become a pattern.
However, thinking about arms control as a scorecard that totes up advances and setbacks misses a larger pattern.
The police are familiar with this pattern, and they have learned how best to respond to it.
If anything, they validate the pattern, as exceptions that prove the rule.
They're notably larger and are generally speckled with a deep reddish pattern.
Historians' failure to explain history's broadest pattern leaves us with a huge moral gap.
According to the article, this natural pattern slowed down at the end of the medieval period.
Conant traces the precise pattern of their influence on state educational policy.
Censorship in intellectual matters broadly follows the same pattern.
For a while it looks as if religion will change the pattern of oppression.
The pattern of the recoiling particles showed directly the internal structure of the atoms in the film.
Neither knows how to do this outside the ghostly pattern of master-servant.
It will take a sharp break from an extremely lucrative pattern of behavior.
But they now recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games: pattern recognition, system thinking, even patience.
If a hurricane is a chaotic system, then the wreckage strewn in its path is its fractal pattern.
Now consider a different pattern of washer distances.
Instead, the camera records the pattern the incoming light makes.
The pattern of cases doesn't suggest an infectious cause.
They're pieces of the puzzle but they don't fit into any real pattern.
New research suggests that an individual brain cell is capable of complex pattern recognition.
From one moment to the next, a medium spiny neuron receives a unique pattern of signals from the neurons that link to it.
But in each species, such a sequence will occur in a unique pattern.
Economist have long scratched their heads over this kind of pattern.
But the exact pattern of movement that translates into a perfect shot can vary among players.
The insect is attached to a clear plate, so that its flight pattern can be better observed.
It is this growth pattern that determines the ultimate shape of the leaf.
When a pattern of ultraviolet light is projected on this layer, the material solidifies only where it's been exposed to the light.
The system puts a random pattern of bumps and ridges on the rollers that move paper through an ink-jet or laser printer.
If a solution containing metal salts washes over such a pattern, metal will stick only to the adhesive.
The diffracted light is reflected onto a piece of paper which displays the diffraction pattern.
Even a cursory glance at the history of communications technology shows a recurring pattern.
His speech pattern is a jumble of quick bursts that alternate with long pauses worthy of an absent-minded professor.
Obviously two people leave a relationship because there's a different thought pattern happening.
For generations, the nation's pattern after each armed conflict was demobilization.
Mine conked out fairly close to schedule, many of them following the pattern of depressive seizures.
We could see the hill, which was checkered in the grid pattern of an archaeological dig.
Far more serious is a pattern of three violations for the same problem.
Not many people seem to even remember that they've done this exact thing before-that this is a behavior pattern.
At the same time, attempts at suicide and self-harm fit into a broader pattern.
My pattern of breath is wrong, and the bubbling opium extinguishes again and again.
Over the next five months, a pattern established itself.
Add a glint of metallic, and an allover damask pattern dances in the light.
Don't do more than one thing in each hotel, so you can see them all and establish a pattern of constant movement.
In many cases, a subtle change in the pattern of bodily noises can alert your physician to problems long before symptoms appear.

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