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Example sentences for patronizing

There's a patronizing and condescending tone to it which is off putting.
Exploiting drug addicts, while appearing paternalistic and concerned, is patronizing and condescending.
Yours is a voice of reason, or at least an eloquent appeal to it if I might say so at the risk of being patronizing.
These young people were infuriated by lofty and patronizing attitudes expressed by certain party representatives.
She also includes exercises so rudimentary they're almost patronizing.
Some people object to senior citizen as a patronizing or demeaning euphemism.
It was seen as patronizing, stereotypical, not authentic.
Great kings add a jewel to their crown by patronizing learning.
Some might find it patronizing.
However, the 'reap as you sow' comment may be patronizing, but it is true.
His claptrap about catering to status anxieties is patronizing nonsense.
If only the underlying story weren't so insufferably patronizing.
He treated his soldiers with a fatherly affection and respect, but was never patronizing.
Seek out ways to put your inventory to work by patronizing a thrift shop or organizing a local clothing exchange.
Patronizing stereotypes of the people called upon to fight wars while the rest of us relax in a movie theater.
The trainers probably didn't mean to be patronizing.
Others come across as arrogant, authoritarian, and patronizing.
But the residue of that patronizing approach persists in some departments.
Dept before that: afr-am scholars would have thought you were either patronizing or wannabe or some sick blend of both.
Elsewhere, religious buildings remain patronizing, designed to intimidate.
Even during the parade of weirdos that is every reality show's audition rounds, she is never patronizing or cruel.
The lesson for today's literary community is so obvious that it may seem patronizing to bring it up.
But that did not inhibit him from patronizing them himself.
There is one think you can do for us: stop patronizing.
Accusing him of being clever though is either lazy journalism or patronizing the natives.
The casinos also offer special discounts on food and entertainment to campers patronizing their establishments.
As a cultural traveler, aid a community by purchasing local artisan handicrafts and patronizing locally owned restaurants.
Visitors may be better served by patronizing local-style eateries as opposed to these chains.
There's not much new to say but people on all sides feel they must say it over and over, usually in a patronizing fashion.
And let's reserve our patronizing scorn for those who have long treated us so scornfully.
It is not patronizing to point out that you say false things.
By patronizing our local businesses you help keep our local economy strong and our local workforce employed and engaged.
It is simple and direct but not simplistic or patronizing.
All users can give back by leaving no trace and patronizing the businesses that support the trails.

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