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Example sentences for patronize

He says he no longer plans to patronize the site.
This is not funny if you work at or patronize the library.
You can patronize the patron only so much.
It's often easiest to nurture young investors' curiosity by focusing on companies they know and patronize regularly.
They have to get organized in a way that will force politicians to pay attention rather than just patronize them.
Please do not patronize us with such nonsense.
The public will soon patronize their competitors.
There's worse companies in the world to patronize.
Somehow, we never seem to patronize the store.
To counteract this a fee is charged for parking which is refunded if you patronize their store.
If you know and regularly patronize your local library and its web page, this is no real problem.
We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves.
And it's not so easy to get elected by a citizenry you patronize.
Patronize the restaurant only to stave off starvation.
Individuals may choose for themselves which ranges they prefer to patronize.
The other half are those who patronize this exploitive industry.
If you buy drinks while on the road, bring your own mug or container and/or patronize places that provide refillable containers.
Never patronize people who use wheelchairs by patting them on the head or shoulder.
Never patronize people in wheelchairs by patting them on the head or shoulder.
It is critical that customers have access and continue to patronize the businesses, in spite of any roadwork inconvenience.
However, the economizing practices of low-income food shoppers may be hampered by the types of stores they patronize.
Patronize automotive centers and stores that accept batteries for recycling.
As construction is underway, residents and visitors are encouraged to patronize businesses in the area.
Patronize businesses that use recycled and other environmentally-friendly materials.
Many boaters prefer to patronize clean marinas because they value clean coastal waters for boating and fishing.
Members create, finance and patronize the cooperative.
When choosing a commercial tour operator, ask if they follow these guiding principles and patronize those businesses that do.
If you live in one of the areas listed above, you will automatically get this cleaner gasoline at any gas station you patronize.
Patronize shops that implement pollution prevention strategies.

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