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These are places and businesses worthy of your patronage.
Without that patronage, I don't know that it would have gotten published.
Finding a job at a Web site can be like securing the patronage of a 15th-century benefactor.
My chief occupation is going around with a forked stick picking up little fragments of patronage for my constituents.
Then practicality might start to become a driving concern behind these projects rather than patronage jobs and land buy-outs.
It ran eight years, and was then closed for want of patronage.
Its grip on state institutions and patronage is unlikely to be challenged.
Some of the benefits of patronage are undeniable.
He now directed his literary activities to the two ends of winning powerful patronage and establishing himself in public esteem.
The state said the use of the school system for patronage has continued.
President as short-timer and a potential loss of patronage.
The artist would resent this patronage all his life, even though he depended on it.
Palace patronage often presents the danger of over reaching itself, by going into hyperbole.
All of these people regularly feast upon science as part of their mental diet and their patronage shouldn't be discounted.
The regimes, the authors point out, can offer their supporters the patronage of the state.
Mongolian politics is already based on patronage, with politicians invariably offering cash and other goodies for votes.
His rise to power was fuelled by money, and his money obtained in part by patronage.
Barring a vast drop in the oil price, which would threaten the patronage system, he will almost certainly win.
With money of their own, they no longer needed the patronage of politicians and began to operate independently.
In practice it merely serves an another means of providing patronage for party hacks.
The regional boards overseeing the river levees, once a patronage playpen, have been restructured and professionalised.
They are also the main currency of political patronage.
But matters are worse in universities, where patronage, cronyism and secure tenure are the rule.
Airlines reward loyalty by offering free trips in exchanged for your continued patronage.
It has not to ask the patronage of capital, but capital solicits the aid of labor.
The hotel was continually losing patronage because of its shabbiness and she thought of herself as also shabby.
They are the last artists among us who still live in the daily presence of patronage.
The world of nonprofits and charity dinners and patronage of the arts includes a large swath of the city's power élite.
The first rule of patronage has always been that the protégé's actions and manner reflect on the patron.
As the power of the machines declined, ideology replaced patronage as the prime motivator of the parties' rank and file.
The money is then dispersed through pervasive patronage networks, with little going into entrepreneurship or economic development.
Indeed, the only gymnasium which never lacks patronage is the ball-room.
From this single piece of information you can trace the lines of patronage and allegiance that define the state.
It also suffers from illiteracy, patronage by criminals and insurgents, and corruption.
In the supposed tug-of-war between parentage and patronage on one side and genius and talent on the other, both push and pull.
Politics is therefore about patronage far more than ideology.
Emanuel won't say if backers getting city money amounts to patronage.
The regime has many who live off its patronage, and they could fight to keep their power.

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