patrol car in a sentence

Example sentences for patrol car

There were three injuries reported, including two police officers who were in the patrol car when its windows shattered.
Police arrested, handcuffed, and placed her in a patrol car.
His first memories are of riding in a patrol car with his father, the town sheriff.
During both incidents the troopers were out of their patrol car and were not injured.
The other vehicle failed to yield the right of way to his patrol car.
The vehicle was painted patrol colors, is equipped with emergency lights, and resembles a miniature patrol car.
The patrol car then burst into flames, trapping both officers inside.
When the pickup truck drove past the patrol car, the troopers began to follow the truck.
As the officer retreated toward his patrol car, the suspect fired a shot at the officer.
He swerved his patrol car left to avoid hitting the other car and his patrol car sideswiped a second oncoming vehicle.
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