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Reagan too was an everyday hero whose life was defined by a deep patriotism.
Similarly, evolution did not select for national patriotism.
There were so many more who met their duty and their destiny with gallantry and patriotism.
Chinese fans were better behaved and began the night by issuing a lesson in sportsmanship and patriotism.
The novel challenges idealized views of patriotism and unconditional trust.
Capitalism knows no patriotism.
These spring from the heat of the conflict, and are as replete with patriotism as they are deficient in literary merit.
Nationalism and fanatic patriotism are detrimental to your health.
Their philosophy, patriotism and integrity cannot be questioned.
Asked if patriotism is a matter of the heart, he narrows his eyes.
Wars and policies can be supported or opposed by pragmatic arguments without resorting to religion, patriotism, or outright lies.
And the same is more or less true of your patriotism, and your religiosity.
They have balanced cost, versatility, and patriotism.
In fact, carrying the national flag the rest of the year has been seen as a sign of overwrought patriotism.
It was a metaphorical call to duty and a redefinition of patriotism.
Patriotism, optimism, and scrubbed suburban living were the rule of the day.
Maybe it's a matter of patriotism, her more indigenous hair color.
Protest against the wrongful policies of his government was his form of patriotism.
Too much patriotism can hamper democracy and diminish civil society.
But he never lost his taste for adventure, or his patriotism, which he showed in various ways.
Artistic friendships, he claimed, were more precious to him than vulgar shows of patriotism.
But the pay-outs are contingent on meeting a state-regulated standard of patriotism.
Overt patriotism can make people on the left feel a little nervous.
They are rarely shy about their accomplishments or abashed about their patriotism.
And even if a correspondent wanted to deliver the noisome truth, patriotism would join censorship in stopping his mouth.
Rehnquist's early years were suffused with old-fashioned patriotism.
He frequently makes an effort to point out that he thinks they're motivated by patriotism or sincere inquiry.
He tends to commit his crimes in public, cloaking them in patriotism and in effect turning his witnesses into accomplices.
It is apparent in the politics of patriotism, in large ways and small.
When reporters challenged him about this, he argued that it was because he had patriotism pinned to his heart.
In the past, proving one's patriotism was the way to win votes, but no longer.
If the last resort of a scoundrel is patriotism, then the next-to-last must surely be name-calling.
The tide of patriotism was rising, however, and the populace presently took a hand.
Their good will and patriotism were limited only by their talent.
They point to the huge population, which in the name of patriotism they have previously demanded should be brought into being.
There are some national questions in the solution of which patriotism should exclude partisanship.
Commerce diminishes the spirit, both of patriotism and military defence.
Patriotism is the fire of it, no doubt, but this is fed with fuel of all sorts.
They are reasonable grounds for a steady, glowing patriotism.
And the finer minds returned with a deeper and more intelligent patriotism.
It expressed that splendid smallness which is the soul of local patriotism.
Our hatred of other nations diminishes, but patriotism dies with it.
You'll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.
Airline ads that equated flying with patriotism also made some viewers wince.
Even intellectuals who gripe about personal-freedom and civil rights issues seem to do so through a filter of sincere patriotism.
The campaign is being driven by both patriotism and economics.
Patriotism is an important part of good citizenship.
Andersonville becomes an object lesson in patriotism.
Its power to stir emotions and a communicate such ideals as reverence, beauty, or patriotism more deeply than words is well-known.
Some believe that patriotism requires near-absolute loyalty to government leaders and policies.
But expressions of patriotism don't end with the day.

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