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For example, this is one of our many weeks devoted to patriotic piety.
High-speed rail was a patriotic symbol and the next great export.
Each side blasts opposing hillsides with patriotic music and recorded messages.
Military families here will have one more reason to feel patriotic.
They were told to take out cheap loans and plant as much wheat as possible as a patriotic act.
Here's a quick way to tap those patriotic colors with contemporary style.
Natural gas ads make it sound patriotic to run your dryer.
The citizen soldier is not only guided by his self-interest, but also of a patriotic sense of duty.
Many time-honored patriotic tales turn out to be more fiction than fact.
And manned missions make more hearts beat patriotic than nuts and bolts.
It's a sermon, a series of miracles and a rousing patriotic oration about the homeland.
They tapped memories of relatives and drew upon patriotic themes.
Some are deeply integrated and count themselves as patriotic citizens of a common state.
It's the only real patriotic thing to do for national and economic security.
One gram of patriotic pressure is often worth a tonne of well-meaning foreign meddling.
They are intensely patriotic but accustomed to globalization.
The backdrop slowly turned to night and patriotic music played.
The patriotic propaganda mainly seems to be in earnest, however, especially where the country's leaders are concerned.
He examined his patriotic endeavors and his treacherous actions too.
Enduring hunger became part of one's patriotic duty.
Skeptics see a threat of state intrusions, or detect patriotic vanity.
There were more military variety shows, more patriotic bands, more heroic leaders.
Both wars were seen as religious and patriotic causes.
So you could say that all of us had patriotic reasons for coming-perhaps that's the biggest reason.
Pumpkin partisans claim that their beloved beer has a long patriotic history.
We were able to photograph this patriotic operation.
At another concert, when the rock music was over, a group began to play patriotic music.
Patriotic sentiment did not of course need to disregard ethics.
Well, in my fantasy world they'd get re-energized by patriotic national service of some sort or another.
In the teacher's backstory lies patriotic wartime service.
But yeah, my character definitely looks at his job selling crappy electronics as a patriotic duty.
The patriotic spirit of the piece gave it a currency which its merits as a literary production alone, would have failed to secure.
They say that it was added to and exaggerated by the patriotic pride of later writers.
Both were national and patriotic, advocating principles that were universal in their application.
Shopping can be patriotic, but citizenship requires more.
The current draft revisions include a plan to make pupils more patriotic.
Even the chorus of patriotic opposition has died down.
Those supervising the elections knew that their task was one of patriotic importance.
They seek authoritarian control over those whom they do not consider part of the mainstream or sufficiently patriotic.
The story edges near to diatribe in its horror of insensate patriotic fury.
Someone else suggested entering floats in town parades, so that members could sing patriotic songs from them.
Its patriotic legitimacy and popular support were overwhelming.
Rosenthal's inspiring tableaux has since become one of our best known best-known works of patriotic art.
Every generation seems to redefine patriotic behavior.

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