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Patrimony traditionally refers to a family inheritance.
When they bought precious antiquities, no one bothered them about provenance or a country's patrimony.
They do not set fire to bistros or establish academies to protect their cultural patrimony.
Seen in a global context, the restrictions reflect a larger debate about sovereign rights versus the world's patrimony.
It may not have time to flog much of this patrimony before it goes to the polls.
But whether they add to future patrimony is questionable.
Historic preservation is essential to retain our architectural patrimony.
It's a moving if slightly schmaltzy tribute to the richness of the city's cultural patrimony.
The payoff is keeping the state's natural patrimony intact and available to everyone.
Natural resources are seen by many as a national patrimony, meaning all profits should be shared.
Zealots also destroyed the nation's patrimony, including thousands of years' worth of books and artifacts, temples and archives.

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