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Example sentences for patiently

Through the gray, murky afternoon, fans waited patiently in line to walk into the chapel.
Sophisticated administrators wait patiently to hear all sides before arriving at an opinion or rendering a verdict.
They do this at traffic light crossings, waiting patiently with human pedestrians for a red light before retrieving their prize.
If the pup got it wrong, he patiently nosed it back and repeated the lesson.
The hawk followed and patiently waited at the water's edge.
All the while the instructor floated patiently nearby, watching and giving me nonverbal reminders.
But don't forget-an equally impressive and revealing story lies patiently beneath your feet.
Noticing my confusion, she laughed and patiently explained it all to me.
Kids across the nation waited patiently for new game cartridges to show up in stores.
Meanwhile, my adviser is waiting patiently for me to turn in a major portion of the finished work.
Some economists are still patiently adding to a cairn of knowledge.
He also patiently stands by while kids run their fingers through his mane.
Everything makes sense when patiently explained to the reader.
We, unwashed groundlings patiently await your return from the great ivory tower.
You've been waiting patiently for your fave band to come to your town.
It also means investors are actually managing their average price per share as they patiently grow their portfolios.
The rickshaw driver was patiently waiting for tourists.
Many plants, it seems, can have fungi living in or on them patiently waiting for a good place in line at the decay buffet.
She is patiently teaching her adopted monkey to climb trees.
The video shows the amazing number of people who waited patiently to get inside on opening day.
Turn out the room lights and trip the shutter, and the sensor waits patiently for some light.
Patiently he watched as the golden drops then made their way along the string to his soon-to-be-licked fingertips.
And old farmer leaning on his shovel, patiently waiting for the photo to be taken.
They are definitely not for people who want their dogs to lie down by them or wait for their commands patiently.
Ordinary decency requires that they be treated patiently and with empathy.
He patiently explained how to correct her blunder and even drew diagrams and mailed them to her.
But in both cases he presents himself as a figure of chivalry who suffers their imperfections patiently.
Its decisions have been patiently waited for, and accepted as legally conclusive by the general judgment of the public.
The people standing patiently in line are not, it turns out, waiting to buy train tickets.
Scientists must wait patiently for their leaves to turn in the fall.
Patiently but insistently, they chiseled away for years at athletic segregation.
Everybody can understand this when the principle is explained explicitly and patiently.
They will wait patiently until their inalienable rights are restored to them.
It was as if something had broken and had to be glued patiently and gently together.
Patiently, he would wait on a corner for car headlights to wash the cobblestones with nighttime chiaroscuro.
Again and again, she patiently explained the difference between a park and a botanic garden.
The president himself said little, listening patiently.
The cows wait patiently in the holding area for their turn to be milked.
Even with the heat, people were waiting patiently for their turn.
It is entertaining to watch a great blue patiently hunting for fish along the water's edge.
Southbound ducks overhead, circling, patiently surveying before cupping their wings for a migrating respite.
Experts patiently removed the fossil, expensively delaying the construction job for several weeks.
The park is patiently waiting for the second egg to hatch.
Identify and patiently answer all of their questions.
Both years, a pair of tree swallows waited patiently near the box for weeks.

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