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Meanwhile, two emergency medical technicians wheel an injured patient on a gurney into the hallway of a packed waiting room.
Medical centers are in a business with a mission on research, education and patient care.
Medical treatment, or even diagnostic examination, can cause adverse effects in a patient.
Conscience clauses allow pharmacists and physicians to refuse medical treatment, even when a patient's life is at stake.
In this patient the intolerance was severe, so the gas problem was, too.
Doctors often describe a sense of shock when they experience the medical system from a patient's perspective.
Some experts say medical residents are tasked to the point of exhaustion, putting patient safety at risk.
Why don't you guys just be patient and wait.
The surgeon grasped the limb tightly, since the wide-awake patient wasn't likely to sit still.
Hospitals routinely mandate documentation of a patient's pain.
The Netherlands are progressing towards digital patient records.
For best color, it's important to be patient and not crowd the pan.
This fact can be hard to accept, particularly when a patient might look very much alive to family members.
It builds up the patient's resistance, conditions his body against "surgical shock" and reduces danger of infections.
The menu is encyclopedic; the waitresses are patient.
She's very patient and has a good insight into what works and what doesn't.
After examining the patient, the doctors concurred that it was not possible to remove the bullet.
One of the myths about inoculation was that it did not produce a true smallpox in the patient but a spurious case of chicken pox.
Then the health worker, or even the patient, can take a picture of the stamp with a cellphone.
He was also a patient and precise camera and developing process technician.
If she was an army nurse maybe she was used by a spy to gain access or information on a military base or a particular patient.
If you're ambitious-and patient-you could try making your own sauerkraut or kimchi.
She offered a patient ear for our mostly poor neighbors' many troubles.
The goal of treatment after a stroke is to help the patient recover as much function as possible and prevent future strokes.
If the donor and patient aren't genetically similar enough, the patient's body will reject the transfusion.
When surgery is needed, the traditional solution is to graft tissue from the patient's stomach or intestine onto the bladder.
Ferries are packed in summer, so arrive early and stay patient, especially on the eastbound ride back to reality.
Currently doctors only have hours to get a donated organ into a living patient before the organ becomes too damaged.
First the ability to nap disappears, then the ability to get a full night's sleep, until the patient cannot sleep at all.
The snowy owl is a patient hunter that perches and waits to identify its prey before soaring off in pursuit.
Typically doctors need to act within three hours to treat a human stroke patient successfully.
And all the while the wind continued its patient excavation.
The day workers add frequent notations on the small patient cards, kept at the nurses' station.
But with the virtual system a patient wears a head-mounted display system with two tiny video screens, one for each eye.
Be patient and ready for that magical moment when it all comes together.
Their three-week mission was akin to that of a doctor giving a patient a long-overdue physical exam.
Be patient and friendly with customs and security inspectors at home and abroad.
The patient starts to twitch and involuntarily the tongue starts to twitch, and then the whole body starts to convulse.
Slow and patient reading, by contrast, properly belongs to our leisure hours.
Now an eminent psychiatrist is charging that one famous patient has recently been misdiagnosed, and posthumously at that.
When your accrediting agency seems suspicious, be patient and a little wary.
The patient, although now on life support, is doomed.
Our librarians are informed, pleasant, and unbelievably patient.
He is as patient as a tiger, no pounce without prey.
Both are at odds with patient and open-minded intellectual inquiry.
There is nothing so disagreeable, that a patient mind can not find some solace for it.
The patient is required to relate all his thoughts in the order of their sequence even if they seem irrelevant to him.
There is no sadder sight than this patient devotion striving against fearfully hopeless odds.
The long rows of silent people in chairs, watching with eyes that see not while the patient band tangles the air with music.
And finally, be patient when browning-don't turn too soon or often-and adjust the heat if needed.
Brain scan allows unconscious patient to communicate.
The story of the cancer patient and his lapse in belief is interesting, and may point to an ethical dilemma for researchers.
Physicians gauging pain have little to go on besides a patient's self-report.
The next moment, though, the patient wondered how he gotten to the couple's destination.
The doctor is working for the patient and should respect the patient's goals.
New journal aims to reframe doctor-patient collaborations in health care.
In each case, a patient lies on a bed inside a doughnut-shaped machine.
Gene therapy is the addition of new genes to a patient's cells to replace missing or malfunctioning genes.
Rather than going after the virus itself, these compounds would inhibit molecules native to the patient.
He told me that in one of his research projects they looked at how the design of hospital affected patient recovery.
And soon, the patient may not even have to be in the same room as the surgeon.
But the program doesn't cover all of a patient's medications.
At first glance, a patient in a persistent vegetative state may appear only to be resting, eyes open.
Once the memory is eradicated, the patient is cured of the personality change, and the other changes witnessed can be worked upon.
Other apps have been developed to give doctors access to hospitals' patient charts and other data.
Doctors are part of a health care team that works together to ensure the safest patient care with the best possible outcomes.
Bring your own health research to the doctor's office, and you might be labeled a nuisance patient.
But last week some of these weary warriors carried their patient advocacy too far.
The patient did not live long, but not because the manmade heart malfunctioned.
There are many hurdles that a patient would need to clear.
He no more expected to seek a patient's opinions about how to treat his illness than to ask his car whether it needed oil.
Using a small tissue sample from the patient, the printer then replicated the tissue and built a new organ.
Lets take away the incentives to do to patient and instead create incentives to do for patients, to be with patients.
Frequently there was a fairly lengthy history of psychiatric treatment in the patient's file.
On average there are two family caregivers per patient.
The operation is a success, but the patient dies after complications set in.
Drugs that work only when the patient knows they're being administered are placebos themselves.
Colistin continued to work, and the patient recovered.
It can be particularly useful to closely track a patient's response to a particular dosage of medicine.
In those three weeks, antibiotics may be fortifying the bacteria's resistance rather than curing the patient.
It is better educated, highly urbanised, far more exposed to the outside world and much less patient.
To protect the patient, the battery was sealed in three layers of casing designed to withstand a rifle shot.
Much of the public trust drugmakers enjoyed derived from the doctor-patient relationship, which is central to medicine.
It should become easier to determine which drugs will work best in a particular patient, and why.
Better to get a patient to pop a pill instead of listening to months, perhaps years, of chat about the patient's life.
The taxpayer will be paying for almost every cancer patient in the country.
It is patient: its managers care more about long-term growth than short-term profits.
After a harrowing journey through the patient's body, the scientists succeed: the clot is destroyed and the patient cured.
Crucially, the cultured cells are genetically identical to the diseased ones in the patient.
They are patient, since they have a long-term tie to the issuer.
The signals required vary from patient to patient and some people go many years before an audiologist gets it right.
To begin with, the patient is not in his current condition by design.
But manufacturers have told him that the device is implanted to deliver therapy, not to provide information to the patient.
New understanding of post-stroke neurons could transform patient treatment and recovery.
Doctors use surprisingly low tech ways to keep track of patient information-sometimes with fatal results.
Most cancer vaccines are intended to rally a patient's immune system to fight cancers that have already progressed.
Several weeks after the injection, tumors in about half of the patients seemed to stop growing, and shrunk in one patient.
Frequent readings are easier with sensors that can be implanted in a patient's skin.
For example, it can be difficult to tell when a patient who has pain at the site of a hip or knee replacement has an infection.
Some of her physicians will know her name and what she was before becoming a cancer patient, and some will not.
The patient's insurance company could easily have stepped in as well.
In any operation, what you have to do is to persuade the patient to grant access to the patient's energy.
Tells about his suicide, and about a dying patient on writer's ward.
All of this had gone either unnoticed or misinterpreted at the hospitals she had stayed as a mental patient.
For other, less patient residents, escape is not confined to the imagination.
When you reach inside an elderly patient during surgery, the aorta and other major vessels often feel crunchy under your fingers.
To everyone's happy surprise, the old standbys worked wonders, maybe because the patient had smoldered unaided for so long.
The patient's symptoms resembled a backache, but their cause might prove far more deadly.
The patient arrived in the emergency room with tie askew, forehead clammy, fist pressed into his breastbone.
When a sick stomach won't go away, a good patient history can help.
Although the patient had lost the equivalent of all her blood twice over, she did surprisingly well.
When blowfly eggs hatch in a patient's wound, the maggots eat the dead flesh where gangrene-causing bacteria thrive.
Sometimes the anesthesiologist will use a blood pressure cuff on a patient's arm to block the muscle relaxants in the bloodstream.
Doing so patronises the patient, undermines their trust, and violates the principles of informed consent.
The patient's prematurely narrowed arteries and high lipid levels were strong clues.
Finally he ran an experiment on the only human patient he could ethically recruit: himself.
The surgeon pressed softly on the patient's abdomen.
Thirty years ago that sign would have led a patient straight to the operating room.
Many different triggers may alter a common pathway, depending on the genetics of the patient.
Instead of raiding a patient's body for a vein, heart surgeons could create a new one made from human cells.
The goal is a treatment that would render the patient's body completely inhospitable to the bug.
Frost describes combing through the possessions of one patient and coming across an article from a travel magazine.
The spoils go to the resolute, the patient, who know what they are pursuing and how to achieve it.
The commissions that administer the scheme can sue the manufacturer if negligence is suspected, but the patient cannot.
In one escapade they had broken into a psychiatrist's office searching for a patient's file.
The bottom line is that these medications often relieve the patient's suffering, and this is why doctors prescribe them.
Each registered patient can ask to see a doctor of his or her choice and the center is run on a predetermined appointments system.
She was a patient listener, and relentlessly inquisitive.
He underestimated the complexity of the process of legitimation and the work of patient explanation that would be required of him.
McMillan is a gifted researcher and interviewer, shrewd and patient.
But he does these transitions with such patient expertise that disbelief doesn't arise.
He wanted me to know that he had recently been scheduled to perform an operation on a patient whose condition was similar to mine.
Then, in a life-changing moment, he found an expensive camera that had been left behind by a patient who had been discharged.
So it would have been unethical to sleep with my patient.
He had since earned a reputation as a patient negotiator with old-world civility.
Creditors further down the ladder should be patient and wait their turn.
Patient satisfaction is costly but maybe not so healthy.
When a patient's time is short and his wishes are clear, many doctors these days would say no to life-at-all-costs heroics.
We can discuss if there is some interval at which a patient should come in.
Fear sends the patient scurrying to the doctor to find out what, if anything, is wrong with him.
New pilot programs boost doctor-patient e-mailing.
Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger.
The patient should talk with the doctor about any concerns he or she has about the chance of hemorrhage.
Evidence-based patient safety advisory: liposuction.

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