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Ask the department head about the opportunities for research support and about the path to tenure.
The stakes are high, and the path forward is uncertain.
But throughout the period, the planet has wobbled on its path around the sun.
Basically, the eye moves when something crosses the path of vision.
Link would mark a train's path with lanterns, and then map out where to set out flash reflectors.
If you don't already have a path or bed to start with, you can make one in a weekend.
For those in the path of this storm, our thoughts are with you.
Somewhere out there is an ambitious but frugal high-school graduate who wants to avoid a traditional college path.
And no matter how charmingly he delivers them-and he is an engaging, funny speaker-they're a path to disaster.
Mirages are a direct result of photons taking the path of minimum time in vertical temperature gradients.
It may not solve all of our problems, but it usually shows us the path to the solutions.
Decorative and functional, a dry-laid flagstone and mulch path leads the way to a patio retreat.
The neurons then fire in patterns that control the aircraft's flight path.
These teachers are proceeding along the same path that led philosophers, a few decades ago, to abandon inspiration for.
Forecasting the path that the ozone hole will take is tricky business.
There was evidence of societies marching backwards as well, and this didn't follow the same step-by-step path.
Those who defend our system concede-indeed, exult-that it places roadblocks in the path of major policy shifts.
Artificial limbs and a prosthetic arm create a path to better bionics.
But that flash of light is actually from the grit and debris in a dead comet's orbital path.
Designers know a great path includes an intriguing destination.
Some stay on the testing circuit for a few months after college or between jobs, until they find a career path.
Sharing details of shortcuts through urban mazes is, after all, the surest path to spoiling their effectiveness.
It seems that determining advisories is as complicated as understanding the metal's path through the environment.
The path to the mountain gorillas is not for the fainthearted.
Renovating a patio or a path provides the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of whimsy to the garden.
As the superheated air cools it produces a resonating tube of partial vacuum surrounding the lightning's path.
He had bought a house right in the path of the avalanche.
Beyond the gateway trellis, a new stone path leads to an expanded entry stairway.
The search for life in the universe, however, isn't confined to the rovers' path.
Instead of rocks in a landslide, think of the runaway electrons as shrapnel tearing up a path through the storm cloud.
The path through which the reactor's product once traveled is plainly visible.
To answer the question, one has to state one's beliefs in the likely path of elasticities of demand with respect to price.
More and more, the faithful and religious people are flocking to pilgrimage sites on and off the beaten path.
Her focus on service comes partly from her unusual path into the professoriate.
After nine rounds, the winner is the player furthest along their path.
You'll venture beyond the highlights of each destination and go off the beaten path.
And dozens of reports arrived lamenting the state of affairs and outlining the path forward.
The arbor covers a stone path that leads from the house to a gazebo overlooking a pond.
If we're losing faith in science, we've gone down the wrong path.
He should not be allowed to endanger our kids whose school air lies in the path of the fumes he emits.
The path and ribbons of pink and bronze draw the eye up the steep backyard embankment.
The vegetation on either side of the path furthers the effect and partially hides the patio from view.
Goldenrod and blue mist spiraea fill out the bed that crowds a flagstone path linking the driveway and walk.
Other areas along the river's path are rapidly modernizing.
Beginning at one point, it extends outward, causing tremors in and around its path.
Even a few small boulders placed next to a path can make a striking design statement.
Here's some advice on how to prepare for a tornado and what to do if you're caught in a twister's path.
For profits offer a direct, and mostly easy to navigate path, to a degree.
Even the bleakest academic career path has a certain comforting familiarity about it.
To that end, the conference offered sessions tailored to the various stages of the path to an advanced degree.
Obviously, the key to succeeding as a first-time instructor at a community college lies in finding the middle path.
But absent our leadership, it will continue to careen down the path we're going now.
With the concave shape of the asphalt lanes, the path of the ball can be unpredictable.
As someone who grew up during the shuttle's early days, the program helped steer me down a scientific path.
We were nothing more to them than a rock, an obstacle in their path.
The tomb area is still closed but they've built a path that takes you quite close with a good view.
Plan a visit to a natural wonder near you or plot a course to a landmark that is off the beaten path.
Certainly there is much to be done, but fearfulness and negativism is a sure path to failure.
For example: there are five railway workmen in the path of a runaway carriage.
It would require a central bank repeatedly to alter its goal for future inflation as prices deviated from the desired path.
Biologists will be able quickly to sequence the genomes of hundreds of organisms and plot the path of evolution.
The economy needs to make the transition from bubble-fueled growth to a growth path that is more balanced and sustainable.
Rapid growth is initially easy because the leader has already trodden a clear path.
Here is a plot of both the spring potential energy and the length of the path over time during the simulation.
If a steady temperature gradient exists, however, light will follow a curved path toward the cooler air.
The antenna receives waves reflected by objects in the beam's path.
On one end, the path circles an in-ground sandbox, making a roundabout for the three-wheelers.
The lower level of the house becomes a pedestal for the top level and an extension of the entry path.
The small denizens of the wilderness hardly took pains to move out of her path.
The other path to cauliflower bliss is roasting, which brings out the nuttiness so the cauliflower is practically meaty.
Yet, the path to getting there took too long and was at times too divisive.
Heavy debt and large losses of wealth have forced spending onto a lower path.
As people are jobless for longer and longer, their employment path gets worse and worse.
In time he hires another penniless laborer, who follows the same path up.
The trickier question is whether to express the target as an annual rate of change or as a medium-term path.
Stegner sought at once encourage her and to give her an honest picture of how difficult her career path would be.
Gold, he says, is the surest path back to sound money.
Within a few years, his complete spiritual evolution launched him down the path of serving others before himself.
If you make the cut and are able to work through the winter, it's cold, but their is a path up.
As the road dips and curves, a car has to follow that path, dipping and curving as well.
It would seem a bit foolish to put a big cap on the end of a torch, right in the path of the beam of light.
The path to the pain is clearly marked, but why that path exists at all remains unknown.
Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path.
Strep enzymes can dismantle connective tissue, blood clots, and other living firewalls in its path.
The transistor sparked the revolution in electronics, setting the technology on its path of miniaturization and ubiquity.
In fact, many various technologies may have combined over time to allow and influence our evolutionary path.
It squeezes the air flowing around it, and it squeezes more where the path is more curved- over the top of the wing.
Eyes and cameras both have lenses that adjust the path of the incoming light to bring an image into sharper focus.
If you got your copy at a newsstand, it took a different path.
If a hurricane is a chaotic system, then the wreckage strewn in its path is its fractal pattern.
He entered the park, flanked by a cameraman and a bodyguard, and worked his way down the narrow path to its center.
There was a longer straightaway for gaining speed, and a clearer path to the big drop.
He is not the only distinguished member of his profession who thinks she would have succeeded if she had taken that path.
The disdain she heaped upon almost everything that crossed her path was not heaped upon this magazine.
Even her enemies do not deny that she is brave as a lion and can be as dangerous to people in her path.
His cousin had been struck in the leg and died along the path seven hours later.
He followed the path of the migration until, to his bewilderment, the animals suddenly stopped.
Parking space is embedded in a partially sunken multilayered structure, atop which is the main pedestrian entry path to the arena.
So-called single use path games might include downhill races.
It isn't going to instantaneously scale up to a robust multiprocessing data path and achieve high instructions per clock.
Each fiber in the image represents hundreds to thousands of fibers in the brain, each traveling along the same path.
The lesson seems clear: the safest path to power can be to avoid its unabashed exercise.
We had to retreat and take the path to the river earlier than planned.
He was on a rocket path to success and respectability.
Depending on your interests and background, it is possible to plan a career from entry level to the top of the career path.
They would have followed their musical path regardless.
It makes one want to run for survival supplies and wait out the storm, but the simple reality is that no one can escape its path.
Suddenly, he considered this hobby a possible career path.
But he had started on this path and couldn't give in.
What's interesting is that she'd actually envisioned this path.
There were other important steps down the deregulatory path.
It's a manager's job to arrange auditions, shape a client's career path, and generally do whatever he can to get the clients jobs.

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A few hours' mountain climbing turns a rogue and a saint into two roughly equal creatures. Weariness is the shortest more
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Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but one who rejects a rebuke goes astray.... more
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