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So look at it this way: you're getting over the rough patches early.
All came with sore patches which in the main have completely cleared up.
They've seen us build the straw-bale garden, tend the berry patches, and fuss with the chickens.
Two of them are thin, carbonized patches of fossilized skin that appear to have come from sauropod dinosaurs.
There's debris from logging sites, and patches of trees of a uniform age, which is the result of clear-cutting and replanting.
Now it was a derelict, old and crippled, its bulkheads stained with patches of rust that could have been lesions.
The green-winged has red feathering on it's eye-patches.
The air inside is pleasantly cool, and the walls are smooth and dry, with patches of original plaster.
But in an age before nicotine patches and gums to aid in kicking the habit, one's options to stop smoking were somewhat limited.
The boys bought pistols, swords, eye patches and hats.
It was difficult to get the patches even written, let alone get them all released on a single day.
And still the broken, clear and clouded heaven-and still again the moonlight pouring silvery soft its radiant patches over all.
Almost all the commonly received stuff of his life story is shreds and patches of tradition, if not positive dream work.
He will weave no longer a spotted life of shreds and patches, but he will live with a divine unity.
There are bright patches of crimson over his cheek bones and his eyes are burning with fever.
The shallow waters that wound among these scattered patches of land were gradually silted up.
The ground may be covered with rank shrubbery, or it may be bare mud with patches of tall reeds.
So face patches could be in the frontal lobe, she thought.
Later, couples may make jokes to smooth their way over life's rough patches.
Individual patches of space may expand faster or slower, but researchers reckon that the discrepancies are localized.
While skin patches and slow-release pills are currently used for this purpose, they only work with certain kinds of medication.
Researchers say the new images reveal geological details indicating that the patches were indeed volcanic in origin.
The feat should aid efforts to engineer patches for broken hearts.
But it's not the enormous plastic patches that pose the biggest pollution problem.
Truck traffic clogged the road, bisecting vegetable patches and rice paddies that seemed to disappear into the fog that morning.
If you keep both eyes open, all you see are the ever changing series of colored patches but no angry face.
Because of this, power plant computers remain vulnerable to known viruses long after security patches become available.
When fusing the two patches, they do not appear to be patchy or unstable.
The body of the vehicle had all the paint sanded off back to bare metal except for the little patches under the door handles.
And chemical dispersants of unknown toxicity could be sprayed to break up oil patches.
Drugmakers have made nicotine available in a range of delivery systems, from transdermal patches to chewing gum and inhalers.
They are the quilt and the members are the patches.
Such patches are commonly used to test for blind spots or visual awareness.
There, the main above-ground visual is a surgical pipeline network in the snow mixed with patches of buildings and roads.
Fine particles gather in the areas of lowest gravity, creating patches that look smooth from afar.
The bear's white fur was interspersed with brown patches.
Wild-ramp harvesters usually dig small clumps of ramps out of larger patches of the plants.
Wildlife officials seized the bear after noticing its white fur was interspersed with brown patches.
Most reports are anecdotal or based on loose predictions of how many species can remain in shrinking forest patches.
But it is unusual to find lonely patches of ice away from the poles.
The catfish has successfully adapted to life in swampy patches of forest terrain, the researchers say.
Your flat-bottom canoe will dodge caiman and be portaged past dry patches in the trucks of local ranchers.
But as the rains abate and fertile land shrivels up, locusts crowd together in the remaining green patches.
Roads and water projects are fragmenting the pandas habitat into little patches.
They flash their white outer tail feathers and white wing patches conspicuously during courtship and territorial displays.
The patterns are made up of rough, raised patches of skin called callosities.
To help wild cats survive, scientists are looking for ways to link patches of habitat together.
And though largely gray today, patches of paint hint at once brightly colored clothes.
Small reflective patches on the flap add an extra safety element for bike riders.
Crows with aberrant white wing patches can momentarily suggest a pileated.
My eyes strain to pick out the whelping patches: clusters of mothers and pups basking beside leads of open water.
The light green patches show where vegetation has started to take root again in cleared areas.
The mostly white bases to the outer tail feathers form distinctive white tail patches visible from underneath or when in flight.
On rare occasions individuals show white patches in wings.
Leukoplakia are patches on the tongue, in the mouth, or on the inside of the cheek that occur in response to long-term irritation.
On the first visit, small patches of potential allergens are applied to the skin.
Similar success stories are cropping up, in patches.
Volunteers were asked to look away while a researcher put a bug on one of the skin patches.
They appear as dark patches in the photosphere-the surface layer of the sun-that come and go.
The past few decades have been one of the quiet patches.
But both cities have put local commanders in charge of cutting crime on their patches.
True, there will be patches of perkiness in the emerging world.
There are patches of relative optimism here and there.
Alas, rather than co-operate, they jealously guard their respective patches.
But it also makes downloading of multi-megabyte security patches and software updates almost impossible.
Today's earpieces may give way to smaller devices hidden in earrings or worn as minuscule patches on the skin near the ear.
These can then be sold to urban developers who want to build on other patches of farmland, usually far away on the city periphery.
Eventually, these patches become so tiny they cease to be efficient.
Small patches of dried blood had collected on his fatigues.
When light was shone on them, it caused exposed patches to harden.
The colours suggest bad news for hunger everywhere, except for a few green patches.
For now, the economic slump may leave these patches of woods unbothered.
Once-worthless patches of seaside land can be worth fortunes today.
Oh yes, and don't forget about the neverending stream of updates and patches a brand new phone usually requires.
And they're starting to show themselves in small patches along highways.
But the agency does regulate nicotine gum and patches because of their health claims that they help people quit smoking.
He went into the living room and opened the door-the wet snow was collecting in patches.
They were still in place along one stone wall, with patches fallen in the fill, face up and face down.
In this image, dark patches can also be spotted, punctuating the stellar landscape.
Some of the burned-out patches were straining for rebirth-shoots of new green bush and trees struggled to grow.
In different patches of space the symmetries of the laws of nature would be broken in different ways.
My first glimpse of the country was of serene, empty patches of farmland below.
One month later, the patches appeared not only to survive, but to be well integrated with the animals' cardiac tissue.
One traditional approach is to target these nodes with patches that prevent the spread of malware.
The new sticky tape could also be made into drug-delivery patches for placement directly on organs including the heart.
The resulting image shows the two patches of neural activity as bright regions on either side of the brain.
After that, they plan to use the approach to grow patches of healthy heart tissue for reparative grafts.
The software's reliability is questionable at best even with the patches.
Use this root concealer to cover up those unsightly patches, allowing you to go longer between color treatments.
As he worked, keeping his eyes on the patches, the sharks continued snapping at him.
Their backpacks were peppered with patches and decals.
The street's brick roadbed now pushes up through the asphalt in big patches, and nearly every other house is empty or for sale.
Their surfaces are fine crusts of dry, oil-starved pigment, applied in sober little strokes and patches.
In a saddle-shaped universe, distinct patches of the microwave background would look smaller than they're predicted to be.
He then fashioned tiny eye patches and put them on a new set of subjects.
It nests close to the ground, so it needs foliage- such as raspberry and blackberry patches- to hide in and hunt insects from.
They cleared away patches of shoreline and forest and planted them with wheat and barley.
The van shuddered and lurched, its tires crunching on patches of fresh snow and occasionally slithering on ice.
These defiant patches still continue the business of photosynthesis long after the rest of the leaf has withered.
These patches are two- dimensional slices of the three-dimensional building blocks that make up the copper.
Without irrigation, agriculture is possible only in narrow patches of river valleys.
But as the rains abate and fertile land shrivels up, locusts crowd together in the remaining green patches.
McClintock observed that pale ears of corn became mottled with dark patches as they grew.
The wind and tides help by churning the water up and prevent the nutrients from collecting in certain patches.
In real life, they are carried outwards in turbulent plumes with chaotic patches and swirls.
By moving the music blocks around on the three light patches, you can make thousands of different sound combinations.
Journalism professors raised themselves up on their suede elbow patches to tsk-tsk.
Squamous-cell carcinomas generally appear as raised, pinkish scaly patches.
Elsewhere they're confined to small patches of woods where they can't elude hunters for long.
But as the viewer approaches, dark patches on the pyramid's surface reveal themselves as swarms of ants.
He took out more than a dozen pellets made of gold and silver, each stuck to beige patches smaller than dimes.
The government has approved general use of skin patches that deliver estrogen directly to the bloodstream.

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