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But judging by the latest results from sleep research, you should be getting a pat on the back.
Pat out the dough on an oiled sheet of parchment paper.
If you already back up your photos, consider this your pat on the back.
So a strategy of always switching wins twice as often as a strategy of standing pat.
Mix to coat, then pat ingredients into a single layer.
Thus, you eliminate the post-photo dance where you pat your pockets one by one until you find the cap again.
Everyone rushes into them, so the price rises sharply and investors pat themselves on the back for their shrewdness.
And pat yourself on the back for having done so the next apparently.
Once you've mastered mixing, pat yourself on the back.
Pat the dirt down gently, but don't pack it down too tightly.
Pat the soaked areas of the furniture gently with a dry rag to remove the excess water and speed up drying time.
Most of us pat ourselves on the back about our energy-saving ways.
But this pat explanation obscures a lingering paradox of depression, which is that the mental illness is extremely common.
If you have that kind of commitment, you probably don't need a device to give you a pat on the back.
After the initial pat down, arrestees are processed into the system.
We need intelligent targeted measures in addition to the blanket measures which have grandma getting a pat down.
One feels the urge to let go his clammy hand, pat him gently and ask him if he feels better.
He's going to step in at the end and tell you what to think, pat you on the head.
There was even a full-body pat-down, by far the biggest turn-on of the night.
The catalogue contains similarly pat introductions to the other disciplines.
So let's take a minute, parents and teens, to pat ourselves on the back.
They were told to pat dry afterward and apply a heavy slathering of moisturizer.
Sure, the physics guys can pat themselves on the back- right up to date with the latest thinking and all that.
It is human nature to fear the unexplained, and to seek easy, pat answer for those phenomena.
Awards made up so people can pat themselves on the back.

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