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Example sentences for pasturage

They had sweeping views to east and west, good pasturage for the cattle, trout streams nearby.
Crops of wild rices and sedges from the marshland were harvested for hay and pasturage.
The road and its many offshoots transited or terminated at open pasturage where the flocks could expand.
The five weeks of furlough may be spent at a stable, if the stable is equipped with sufficient size pasturage.
There were also droves of cattle, swine and sheep on their way to market or being driven to the back country for pasturage.
It was knee-deep and lush--rich pasturage for footsore and hungry oxen.
The group of consumers who use electricity for such purposes as pumping, spraying crops, and stock pumps used for pasturage.
Pasturage is short everywhere to the east of the foothills.
If they had been, they would have been so thick that the pasturage would have given out the first day.

Famous quotes containing the word pasturage

[Catholicism] offers a much richer pasturage and shade to the fancy, has so many cells with so many differe... more
We seem to think that the earth must go through the ordeal of sheep-pasturage before it is habitable by man... more
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