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The pastoral evening images evoke a bygone era, and the descriptions of the scarecrow's excursion are both nostalgic and visceral.
He exercised his pastoral responsiblities as he understood them.
Augsburg's skilled pastoral ministry staff are available to Augsburg's students.
Abandoned by prospectors, the scarred landscape has returned to pastoral quiet.
In lithe, muscular language, Alcosser's best poems inflect the pastoral with the political.
This "park" is no pastoral playground.
Watercolors depict the island's landmarks and pastoral beauty.
Status in pastoral communities is still judged by the number rather than the quality of animals.
Upon his arrival, his almost ridiculously pastoral hometown is sent into a minor frenzy of gossip and speculation.
Then the attendants shoveled the rubbish through the door on the other end into the pastoral idyll outside.
There is no longer any pastoral idyll untouched by the speed of things.
After much on this, he returns to the kinds-examining and dismissing objections to pastoral, elegy and what not.
To the accompaniment of mock-pastoral fantasy sequences, he proudly recites his own ghastly romantic verses.
Experience in providing pastoral care to hospital patients, staff and family members.
Have no less than three units of clinical pastoral education.
Pastoral care works with interdisciplinary teams to provide a holistic approach for treatment.

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