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None of these considerations would matter much if college rankings were a harmless pastime.
The national pastime was no longer a game for the purists.
Many lament the control of indigenous species to protect this pastime.
The trade has become highly technical, meaning only devoted professionals can earn a living from once was the pastime of priests.
That's a myth, say physicists studying the national pastime.
Arguing over who's the better player is as much a pastime as baseball itself.
Non-native species introduction is a national pastime.
His main pastime seems to be playing penny slots in the wee hours of the morning.
Blogging is a pastime for many, even a livelihood for a few.
The next time you travel, engage the locals in their national pastime.
My favorite pastime is motivating my peers to keep going and only give up if they truly do not enjoy what they are doing.
They maintain that skating has been taking second, and even third, billing as a pastime for too long.
His favorite pastime is criticizing the government, its policies and its corruption.
Geocaching has evolved over a decade to become a popular worldwide pastime.
The game of football, which is attracting such large crowds in late years, was a favorite pastime centuries ago.
Because corruption is the national pastime and the true system of government.
There is no more pleasing pastime for the whole family than crabbing.
Not surprisingly, guild wars are becoming a popular pastime.
OK, any nation that indulges in the pastime of tea trolley dancing qualifies as eccentric.
For many years roaming from country inn to country inn has been a favorite pastime of motorized travelers.
Let me pause here to comment on a popular graduate-student pastime: complaining about grad school.
And with their renewed prosperity, some resumed interest in an ancient pastime: the breeding of horses.
For this, and for disrespecting the national pastime with his alleged deceptions, fans want his contrition.
But our favorite pastime was spying on what was happening inside the clinic.
Making fun of politicians is a pastime practically as old as politics itself.
Regardless, a precedent was set and a pastime was born.
Mountaineering has traditionally been a pastime for misfits.
Perhaps the current trend of many chess professionals taking up the more lucrative pastime of poker is not a wholly negative one.
It is a celebration of every possible geek pastime, all stuffed into a few city blocks.
The point is, some head-clearing pastime helped you solve your problem.
Religious people have to see religion as a pastime and not as a way of life.
For pastime on the train he read the daily newspapers.
Dumping on the president is a popular pastime among the circles of the well-off.
Those theorists were writing about gambling as a pastime, but for some people it is much more than that.
Baseball purists who bemoan the creeping commercialization of the national pastime have scored a victory.
People-watching, celebrity-spotting acceptable pastime in airports.
Nature-based recreation is an increasingly popular pastime among families.
Camping is a popular summer pastime for residents and visitors alike.
Bird watching has become a popular pastime for many people in the state.
Bird watching is a growing outdoor pastime that provides many hours of enjoyment in a natural environment.
Collecting these images has been a favorite pastime of many ever since.
Either as a pastime or as a serious problem in scientific research, their collection and study has a long and honorable tradition.
Viewing stereographic prints was a popular pastime in the last half of the nineteenth century.
It seems jam-making has become a favored pastime of the culinary adventurers.
With or without pure oxygen, holding your breath is a difficult and dangerous pastime even for elite athletes.
At night, the beach is the site of a signature summer pastime: a bonfire-fueled clambake.

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