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Example sentences for party politics

It has been able to avoid party politics so far, but might not be able to do so for much longer.
The rating agencies tend not to comment on party politics.
The protest movements introduced new ideological issues into party politics.
Party politics is what's wrong with the whole freaking country.
Critics of the council say that this is too soon for a country that has almost no experience of party politics.
Unless something extraordinary happens to make the parties behave, there will be no return soon to two-party politics.
The potential for wrangling is heightened by party politics.
The treaty is immensely unpopular and furthers the development of party politics.
As an elected official, he was a fierce advocate for his community and put the good of the people above party politics.
The excitement and corruption of party politics was not limited to the national arenas and big party players.
The advantage of a federal prosecution is that prosecutors are immune from petty party politics.

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