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Example sentences for partnership

One partnership ran for many years but does not now operate, because of a change in strategy by the foreign partner.
It has good links with local business through a business partnership programme, guest speakers and executives in residence.
The plan emphasizes the need to share knowledge and scientific capacity, and establishes a new type of conservation partnership.
In partnership with curators and museum directors, they transform ideas into exhibit plans.
GM has not disclosed when vehicles resulting from the partnership might launch.
The precise form of public-private partnership still appears to be finely balanced.
Public-private partnership proposed to develop pharmaceuticals.
Then she bounds away in a series of leaps, a dancer in perfect partnership with the trees.
Yet under the partnership pact, the partners have to wait for the pot of gold.
Instead, it was all partnership this and shared values that.
One cartoon depicts him in partnership with the devil attempting to bring down the government.
The application process for the partnership program will begin within three to four weeks.
By the spring of last year, both sides realised that their partnership was broken.
But that partnership appeared to be unraveling, too.
Roxanne thought she could make his business more profitable, and a partnership was a born.
The partnership will launch with a focus on the wonders of the ocean and marine life.
The partnership goes three ways, but the power is not equal-milkweed is in control.
The eye and brain work in a partnership to interpret conflicting signals from the outside world.
They have an excellent record for working in full partnership with the local populace.
Well that is until you realize it took a strong partnership between labor and management to pull it off.
We have a partnership with the world leader in solar cell technology.
It would be a partnership of business and education, exploratory in all ways.
Charging infrastructure might be erected via public private partnership models.
They wanted to know that it would be a happy marriage, where the spirit of partnership was in real evidence.
In our music, accompaniment to singing does not mean a harmonic background to vocal melody, but a partnership in patterns.
It has been exhilarating to work in effective partnership.
One is that marriages are increasingly between socioeconomic equals, who each contribute economically to the partnership.
Raising kids is a partnership between parents and kids.
They're technology's odd couple, but their partnership appears to be working.
Yet now both the private partnership and the state-controlled company are making a comeback.
These firms, made up mostly of former military personnel, enter into a sort of partnership with the attackers.
There's profitability in partnership, and working together grows the community.
Partnership and teamwork are key this coming year, and can amplify what might possibly be beyond any single individual's capacity.
But there was also a lot of partnership and doing things together.
By exchange of the partnership interest for other property.

Famous quotes containing the word partnership

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