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She paired the bargain finds with high-end partners, such as standard tiles with expensive faucets, to get the look she wanted.
We're such fans of bubbly with seafood that two of our favorite partners are sparklers.
They interacted frequently and often preened their partners.
Even when both partners seem willing, males are often unable to consummate the affair.
Two case studies described faculty links with overseas partners that are only slowly becoming broader and wider.
But many colleges say it is extraordinarily difficult to find the right partners to develop active exchanges and other ties there.
The key to making the database work, he argues, is getting a big enough audience by attracting a large number of college partners.
Partners also need to possess a delicate balance between similarities and differences.
Once promising partners are identified, they are often vetted by traditional marriage-brokers.
The problem with testosterone-fuelled males is that they are less likely to remain faithful to their partners.
If so, the fines and sanctions suffered by the auditing firm and its partners may be stiff but not ruinous.
Cross-holdings cement alliances, but also make firms captive to their partners.
He was not a good golfer but wanted to be, and he never could quite find the right things to say to his golfing partners.
Our partners share our vision for deploying innovative technology for a better world.
Most good partners are ready to go three to four rounds as many as four times a week for as long as two months.
Hopefully they'll expand this feature soon and you'll be able to book awards with more partners.
When parrots are kept as pets, they learn their calls from their adoptive human social partners.
They periodically asked the subjects to describe themselves and their partners.
The researchers then observed the animals' behavior as they were introduced to a variety of potential partners.
Partners who start families also display their own styles as parents.
Although a sweet voice and special scent may complete the package, humans depend largely on vision to identify their partners.
But they formed long-term relationships by protecting, not dominating, their partners.
In some bat species, bats even prefer to mate with partners with similar echo calls.
Grab a parent and check out our partners' websites below to find a jumping jack event near you.
Find links to participating local-language edition partners.
Players should line up in two lines, with partners facing each other.
Work with local partners to develop specific expressions of this concept, which can improve economic and environmental heath.
Find out about discounts from our restaurant partners.
Have partners exchange sentence frames and complete those given to them by their partners.
Have students work with partners to find out about the various individuals involved in the stages of extracting and using gold.
The company expects to add other partners later this year.
We'll rely on whom they choose as partners to give us news and music.
The banana's partners usually respond with wiggling delight.
But after two years he'd spent twice that much, his partners had pulled out, and the bar was only half finished.
Instead, they preferred to give dealers franchises, and work with them as partners.
And, historically, the automakers were not good partners.
The expedition is expected to cost several million dollars, much of which he has raised from corporate partners.
Ostensibly, the couples are couples, but in fact several of the partners are looking for an upgrade.
Basic financial fraud involves a financial firm's relationship with its clients, investors, or trading partners.
His coalition partners-a mix of right-wing, xenophobic, and religious parties-make matters worse.
Leverage business partners to maximize sales, marketing, and in contract negotiations.
The company is not yet disclosing these commercial partners, either.
Presumably, these will be the financial fruits-for the cable networks and their content partners-of the new walled gardens.
The new partners plan to install what could be the world's first commercial-scale wind turbine located offshore in deep water.
Certainly, the groupers are five times more successful at catching prey if their partners are around.
But this particular caterpillar is already dead, and its corpse has been protected by two unseen and unlikely partners.
The mealybug uses its two partners to supplement its monotonous diet of plant sap.
Pheromones served a binding function between partners, essentially causing addiction to one another.
Breaking these down is a tough challenge for our partners-in-digestion.
It's not for mate choice, it's for choice of cooperative partners, and that would be relatives.
Gut bacteria are important partners for many animals.
In return, they eat some of the honey liberated by their more powerful partners.
Eventually they reach living cells in the epidermis and dermis, where they meet up with a slew of new chemical partners.
It makes sense that these areas of the brain would be more free to drift apart from their mirror-image partners.
The flies and the flowers are intimate partners of evolution.
All of the partners were impressed, and some were jealous.
When you sell a lot of records, you have a responsibility to your business partners.

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