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For decades, becoming a partner in a law or accounting firm was almost better than getting tenure at a university.
She wouldn't get it if you referred to your partner rather than your husband.
Crucial advice for future banding participants: before you grab the bird's body, be sure your partner has grabbed the head.
The perfect partner for fresh homemade mozzarella is homegrown tomatoes.
The group would also need a willing hardware manufacturer to partner up with.
When the music stops, the students in the inner ring stand up and rotate to the next partner.
If your partner has a strange knack of being able to pick out all the right perfumes, this may not be a good sign at all.
The enemy of our enemy may be our new partner in stopping a global health crisis.
The article stated it might have been a hunting partner.
Her partner fluttered in and landed on a nearby branch.
Upon losing his job, a friend and later business partner approached him with the idea of running a taco truck.
The commission covers company operating costs, credit card fees, and other partner costs.
She now publishes her own inflation estimate with the help of a business partner and former students.
Speaking fondly of the time they spend together leaves their partner feeling appreciated.
Lim put his partner into his crate and promised he'd be back after the situation was clear.
The divers carried no tanks, relying instead on a partner pumping air down a hose from the surface.
His sin was to act too slowly against his coalition partner.
Have students work with a partner to create population pyramids of two locations that provide a contrast in age structure.
Oddly, the polarization of the other photon will always match that of its partner.
In some cases, one animal meets its needs but hurts its partner.
Web site and fills in several screens of forms detailing his personal profile and what he is looking for in a potential partner.
She has the popularity and forcefulness that her partner lacks.
My ex-husband and ex long term partner were both considerably better off financially.
As one student lies down on the paper, have the partner trace his or her body.
So it behooves each partner to clearly understand the real reason behind their behavior.
Doing things that they might not even do with an experienced partner.
These partner organizations work to address issues facing the boreal forest today.
One individual would get on top of the drum with help from his partner.
My first partner died at thirty-eight, and one of my best friends from college died when he was thirty-nine.
The college has another parcel of land it wants to lease to another partner-tenant.
Please connect whatever you heard from your partner with the thoughts you heard so far from others.
Whatever division of the money you propose, if your partner accepts it, you are both richer by that amount.
The volunteers had photos of the romantic partner and of an attractive acquaintance.
And here's where the romantic partner comes into the picture.
Eventually, each was told he had been paired with an anonymous partner seated in a different room.
Before too long, on current trends, each may well become the other's largest trading partner.
The firm's unstuffy managing partner revels in its history.
The only remedy may lie in creating or teaming up with a low-cost partner.
But if you want to settle down with a partner, the suburbs and the heartland beckon.
They will draw pictures of that place and share information about it with a partner.
Trade your directions with a partner, and see if you can follow your partner's directions on the map.
Each player holding a balloon gently tosses it to their partner.
Have the students try to have a conversation when they feel that their conversation partner is standing too close or too far away.
Rich and poor countries can find ways to partner to fulfill the commitments in the agreements.
Peaks, too, aims to encourage its partner organizations to recognize this importance.
We go to bed near a fixed time, sleep alone or with our partner, on soft cushions covered with sheets and blankets.
To earn a hotel or airline loyalty program promotion bonus requiring partner activity.
Most of those hosts tuck in the partner cells whole in crevices or pockets among host cells.
But they were indirectly linked, partner to partner to partner.
He's ready to go as soon as the right investment partner turns up.
The fresh olive oil taste of these crumbs makes them an excellent partner for pasta.
None of them have an infinite choice of mates, and some individuals will inevitably end up with an inferior partner.
One of two partners is given a sum of money and told that he must offer some amount of his own choosing to his partner.
If the partner rejects the offer, neither gets to keep any of the money.
Tesla started sketching plans with a stick for the benefit of his walking partner.
The winning partner will forgo the lab's shaker flasks and hot plates in favor of giant vats.
Close your eyes while your partner raids your refrigerator and then holds different foods under your nose.
One coevolutionary partner-a prey species, for instance-evolves a new defense.
But when it comes to mating, previous studies show that smell plays an equally important role in identifying a partner.
And sure enough, the plant gave more rewards to the cooperative partner.
We scientists need to step up and and partner with those who recognize what's good and right with science.
More ordered even than a solid is an exotic state of matter called superconductivity, and its partner, superfluidity.
It is undesirable to harm a potential customer, supplier or partner.
Sometimes two strands would try to snuggle up to the same partner--two adenine strands, say, with one thymine strand.
Finally, she lets him partner her, but their duet has a note of strangeness and difficulty.
He and his friends founded two arts magazines, and he was a partner in a publishing house that produced exquisite books.
Having a computer partner also meant never having to worry about making a tactical blunder.
We never go anywhere unless we're invited--that translates to having a strong partner within that community.
But its partner on the other side would be free to go.
Do it with a reliable software partner and do a revenue share.
My idea of that is you have a partner who's got your back.
If you and your partner are lucky enough to find an inviting hand on one of your arms, then you join in the fun.
That's what counts in life, to make your partner happy.
The things you would do with your partner, you don't do.
As in any sudden marriage of convenience in which neither partner really knows the other, there were bound to be bumps.
He got the detective to agree to take him along as partner.
Your partner doubles, you bid one heart and he raises to two hearts.
Your partner doubles, and the next player bids two clubs.
Ponder your upcoming actions, and talk things over with a partner.

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