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Gray-green leaves tend to drop off around bloom time, but this partly deciduous tree does not lose all of its foliage.
In summer can be moved outdoors to a partly shaded patio.
Needless to say, many fabled stories of her life are partly fiction.
If laypeople don't appreciate it, that's partly because unsolved problems still loom large.
Partly because they exert such great influence, televised debates have always received heated criticism.
Even in some residential neighborhoods that are partly occupied, things are quiet.
Partly buried by flakes of battleship-gray rock is a telling geological formation.
Roads are unlittered partly because there's nothing to litter.
Now, partly paralyzed, he breathes with the help of a ventilator.
The underworld part, brilliantly grotesque as it partly is, breaks the realistic vision of the beginning.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
The cribriform plate is ossified partly from the perpendicular plate and partly from the labyrinths.
Its initial success was due partly to its novelty and partly to the wide interest which the excursion itself had excited.
The reason was partly, no doubt, that his stock of ideas was small.
The revenue of the farmer is derived partly from his labour, and partly from his stock.
The renal pelvis, wide above and narrow below where it joins the ureter, is partly outside the renal sinus.
The regimental bands at that day were kept up partly by pay from the government, and partly by pay from the regimental fund.
The year you were born partly determines what generation you belong to, but so do your cultural experiences.
His success was due partly to his grasp of detail, partly to his skill at consensus-building among competing groups.
The boom in commodity prices, which are quoted in dollars, partly reflects the currency's weakness.
Each country will have a debt limit that is partly a function of its own history of fiscal consolidation.
These mobile kitchens stand out partly for their size.
His party's popularity stems partly from its history as a liberation movement, and partly from its record in office.
But even the town's purpose-built shopping centres, set back from the main road, are partly empty.
And it has a low profile in the fast-growing public-sector consulting business, partly because its fee structure is inflexible.
Countries hold foreign-exchange reserves partly to protect themselves against external crises.
Last year's fall was partly owing to new safety procedures, which helped reduce the industry's fatality rate.
The ideal span is partly determined by the nature of the work involved.
That's partly because people aren't prepared for them.
Conservationists say the problem is partly the result of human actions.
The difference is due partly to water purity-the blue ones are found in the clearest water.
The rectangular piece is still partly buried, and archaeologists can only see one of its sides.
The skeleton was in excellent condition, except that the skull had been partly crushed.
The scientists had partly suspected that the maneless males were adolescents mistaken for adults by amateur observers.
In this situation, the destination is partly responsible for managing traffic flow to minimize damage to the site.
He survived partly because he was a good goalkeeper on the prison football team.
The plan presents some practical difficulties, partly because asteroids spin as they travel through space.
Partly because you want to see what happens next, and partly because it is so well written.
Rising asthma rates may be partly explained by bacterial imbalances in our guts.
Picture a geometric figure that's colored partly red and partly blue.
If you feel lonely persistently, blame it partly on your genes.
He believed that such incidents are memorable partly because they are rare.
Critics have questioned whether the marks really did come from stone tools, partly because none were found at the site.
The same proteins may also partly explain how stem and cancer cells keep dividing.
The plan is partly based on mock scenarios and mathematical models that attempt to predict the magnitude of an outbreak.
Partly because the fatigued receptors recover slowly as the bleached pigment regenerates.
Partly because the telomeres-a sort of protective cap on the ends of chromosomes-become progressively shorter.
The error came partly because they were averaging nationwide emissions.
These patients have trouble controlling their movements partly because their brains lack the neurotransmitter dopamine.
If it becomes the preferred strategy, it's partly because the liar had reason to be better at it than otherwise.
If the crown was made partly of an alloying metal of lower density than gold then it would displace more water as specified.
Furthermore, negative electrical charges from the electrons of the solid host partly cancel the repulsion between the nuclei.
My extreme and irrational reaction to that first plagiarized paper was partly the result of my having been unprepared for it.
The mere words give parents the jitters, which is partly why the college pickup culture has received so much attention.
Her focus on service comes partly from her unusual path into the professoriate.
Functional résumés are harder to pull off successfully, partly because readers wonder if you are hiding something.
Their fantasy world is one that they enter partly to find comfort.
They have also designed custom housings, one made partly from tea leaves.
But all this fanciness teaches a humble lesson: a movement is what it is partly because of how it is lit.
Partly, this has to do with money-incomes in geriatrics and adult primary care are among the lowest in medicine.
As things were, he was left at the age of sixteen with only one eye functioning, and that only partly.
He knew it was partly his fault, being seven years older, with ambitions of his own.
The adverb allows me to say something and then partly take it back.
These were clear plastic cups dug into the dirt, and partly filled with antifreeze.
The loneliness and social isolation, if your workplace even partly filled that need, if you have no family for moral support.
So what does he do, this courageous and stubborn little animal who is already partly disrobed.
He wrote so much partly because he loved writing and partly because he also loved living well.
The city stands partly on the sandy border of the river, partly on a low range of rocks.
However, any attempt to control the cost and use of health service by fiscal means alone will not he more than partly successful.
Artichokes speak of indulgence, partly because preparing them involves a degree of fuss.
The wide pan is partly so the rice won't get mushy and partly to help a tasty crust form on the bottom.
The trend is partly fed by the blogosphere, where a new mobile vendor can get wall-to-wall coverage of its clever new idea.
The debate over whether the ice sheet is at risk hinges partly on its past history.
They have been genetically engineered to spin a hybrid material that's partly their own silk, and partly that of a spider.
Partly it's because of the nature of the condition itself.
These people are not merely awake but also partly aware.
As observatory architect, my dad was partly concerned with the maintenance of them all.
Partly a mental-health break, partly a need to get other stuff done.
The images don't look that impressive, partly because the number of pixels is so few.
The observations are tentative, partly because scientists have not been looking for signs of changing laws.
Partly, of course, from differences in topography and human population density.
That's partly right, although the animal is already asleep rather than on its way.
In the past, extremism was checked by people who were partly or nominally on the side of the extremists.
It is partly because the canon has no place for a writer whose work, though a coherent whole, is so curiously mixed.
The mystery arises partly from the sources, or the lack of them.
Partly to blame may be the decidedly political character of his work.
In making up with the prime minister, the administration partly addressed its problem and partly compounded it.
The uprisings, partly motivated by economic hardship, ironically make those hardships still more severe.
Now comes a promising new approach: partly humanize the pig's liver.
Partly due to the economic downturn, consumers are more interested in searching out the best deals on products.
The trend is being fueled partly by improvements in the digital sensors that capture images in lieu of film.
The shortage of donor organs is partly the result of outdated preservation techniques.
Solid research is seldom reported widely, partly because no news is not news.
That's because they have typically been underpowered, partly in an effort to make them as inexpensive as possible.
These batteries could be partly charged by an onboard gas engine, but also by electricity from a wall socket.
It's partly because my kids have been so successful.
And this: the constant lying, which sprang partly from evasion and partly from sheer excess of imagination.
And when you were asking that at the beginning-yeah, this piece is partly weather driven.
That's partly physical: her pretty mouth naturally turns down.
Two were in blue jeans and jackets, and had pulled scarves partly over their faces.

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