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Politics may necessitate some partisan maneuvering at the outset.
More hopeful than a locomotive, able to leap partisan divides in a single bound.
Senator Sweeney should rethink his strategy of matching partisan overreach with more partisan overreach.
But its claims to non-partisanship are laughable.
Folks, this isn't a partisan political blog.
All the same, sharper partisan differences have a downside.
The auditors declared: "We see no use for such information except for partisan political purposes.
Look, she is over there where you see that group of partisans.
His lack of overtly partisan commitments may be an asset, demonstrating his neutrality and impartiality.
This tells me he's given up even trying to appear non-partisan.
So much work, so much political maneuvering and partisan pressure to endure.
Please, stop the useless ranting and propagandist links, since you're showing your true colors and partisan politics.
If the objective to promote a partisan agenda, and not science, then the comments should be directed to some other soapbox.
There was plenty political about this catastrophe, but nothing partisan.
He wanted an end to partisan bickering, he wanted politicians to come together for the sake of the country.
The deeper effect of a narrow, partisan domestic agenda has been to polarize the country when unity was required.
The stimulus was too small thanks to wanting to appear bi-partisan.
Put another way, scientific evidence is not suppose to be swayed by ideological or partisan lines.
Neil, you can reduce everything to partisan politics if you want.
Yes, there's a difference between an honest partisan poll and a dishonest one.
Once partisan reconciliation is used for this bill, it will be used for everything, now and forever.
It's also a moment for national unity, not partisan advantage.
The fear was that she would use its huge mandate for partisan advantage.
It is not the stuff of which partisan rancour is usually made.
Anger and frustration curdle in rival political camps, fed by a partisan press.
Partisan and intra-party bickering at a time of national emergency has further battered politics' reputation.
In this environment, the merest hint of a partisan decision could have been disastrous.
And there's no reason this has to be a one-sided partisan affair.
He'll probably muddle through seven more years of partisan acrimony, small-bore achievements, and bitter disappointment.
It is a dilemma that goes beyond partisan politics and journalistic ethics.
Confirmation bias exists everywhere, true enough, but it exists rather glaringly in the world of partisan polling.
Some of the criticism is political, and politically partisan, but more of it addresses the deeper question of purpose.
The purpose is to ensure that taxpayers do not foot the bill for partisan endeavors.
Partisan divisions even color views of her partisanship.
And there were times our views descended into the partisan.
For the past two years, the government has stubbornly refused to cooperate with what it sees as a blatantly partisan court.
Elections are, by definition and necessity, partisan.
We are looking for bipartisan solutions, not partisan rhetoric.

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