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Cord separation means cords parting away from adjacent rubber compounds.
Cord separation means the parting of cords from adjacent rubber compounds.
The self-given promises of that tearful night of parting were forgotten.
Then not one objected to parting with the generic appellations.
Some indebted businessmen have done a runner, abandoning their homes and firms rather than parting with their pound of flesh.
In that picture she was always sorry for the clumsy pins, and the uneven parting in her hair.
Those who have been drawn into a conversation do not usually shake hands on parting.
Had you come a few months sooner perhaps you might have spared me that-that dreadful parting.
As you can see, parting with a loser doesn't have to cost much.
At that point, the sides will determine that parting ways is in the best interest of both.
He's parting ways with his cousin and the coaching staff there.
And the final scene of parting, intended as an ironic heart-tug, is a prolonged business that induces squirming.
They have trouble parting with their pennies, and yet they frequently kick themselves for having so much difficulty living life.
Channeling and poor oil recovery are typical if the fracture-parting pressure of the reservoir is exceeded.
Foliation parallel-parting systems are easily identified in boreholes using geophysical methods described in this report.
Many of these materials, such as metals and some plastics, can be trimmed using a parting tool on a diamond turning machine.
One parting of variable thickness is typically found in the seam.
Watershed the word means a parting, a shedding of waters.
On bi-parting tracks, provide two-wheel nylon or ball bearing end pulleys with zinc-coated steel housing at each end.

Famous quotes containing the word parting

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