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Today the dry lake bed is the largest single source of particulate matter air pollution in the nation.
Renewable diesel also creates far fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate, and nitrogen oxide emissions.
Particulate air pollution is typically measured at ground level.
Depends on the coffee bean particulate shape, which is always round.
They can't get through the air system, because of high-efficiency particulate air filters.
Scatter and absorption by particulate would be huge.
There are still many areas around the world where you can see the sky as the ancients did before light or particulate pollution.
These remains are known in the jargon as particulate organic matter.
Next on its list of worries is local pollution caused by sulphur dioxide, atmospheric particulate matter and wastewater.
We have developed a diesel engine particulate filter which does not apply so much efficiency-reducing back pressure on the engine.
Buses are big contributors to particulate matter in cities.
Every tree that's subtracted from a city's ecosystem means some particulate pollution that should have been filtered out remains.
Those who moved to areas with more particulate pollution, in contrast, exhibited a slowdown in lung function growth.
The point is that there are significant sources of airborne radioactive particulate other than nuclear power plants.
Energy density problems are not as critical with urban, short haul, vehicles where particulate exhaust is particularly damaging.
With ultra-low-sulfur diesel, the particulate emissions are less too.
With catalytic converter and filter, they can significantly reduce their toxic and particulate emissions.
There is more radioactive discharge from particulate matter from a coal fired power station than from a nuclear by the way.
For anti-missile defense the laser is too prone to particulate diffusion to make it practical as the primary weapon.
Any round particulate that can roll freely will pick up oil.
Natural gas with its deadly fine particulate emission is almost as bad worse.
On the other hand, bacteria and viruses are particles and can be filtered by particulate respirators.
All relative particulate motion occurs as jumps in relative position between frames.
So far there seems to be no lack of particulate matter.
List five characteristics of particulate matter that are especially important in air pollution control.
Diesel exhaust is made up of small particles, known as fine particulate matter.
If no, the particulate respirator is intended for use during normal work activities.
The visible emissions you can see in diesel exhaust are known as particulate matter.

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