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The price of leadership continues to rise in higher education, particularly in terms of presidential pay at public universities.
The often strained relationship between science and religion has become particularly combative lately.
Some memories, particularly those evoking fear or pain, are best forgotten.
Now, the ideas are not particularly startling anymore, but they were at the time.
Rose chafers are particularly troublesome in sandy soils.
Others, particularly audiophiles, relish in that isolation.
The authors also offer four reasons iPod owners might be particularly susceptible to crime.
Party plans turn out to be a particularly useful part of this picture.
Yet other regions, particularly perceptual regions, are likely to vary over time in both spatial extent and character.
Numerous studies have linked heart disease and air pollution, particularly smog.
Financial services firms face a particularly high threat of cyberattack, a federal agency reports.
As pitchers, they were polar opposites, particularly in how they dealt with defeat.
But sometimes it is better to cut your losses, particularly in a booming economy when there are so many other jobs available.
The park is a particularly fine place for beginners to learn in a safe yet scenic environment.
Satellites have proved particularly useful for communicating with many of the countries in the less developed parts of the world.
It is particularly sensitive to sunlight, and the paint reflects the ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburn and cracking.
Particularly intelligent people can be especially good at deceiving themselves.
Breeding: a variety of habitats, particularly open areas with scattered trees.
The above plant is a sweet little creature, yet may not seem particularly noteworthy.
But cloud forests may be particularly vulnerable to climate change.
They also become particularly attractive, making a tasteful gift.
Progress is so slow in higher education, particularly in tight budget times.
Semi-arid climates, particularly on steep rocky hillsides.
Flowers are not particularly fragrant, and they are not followed by fruit add to my plant list.
Our particular hobby can render us particularly unprivate people.
Capability to link issues in natural and social sciences will be particularly well received.
Unemployment is set to rise, and investment spending and net exports will be particularly weak.
Both are particularly at risk from parasites and pathogens.
They do nothing, but work extraordinarily well, particularly at making people laugh.
Plants watered by drip irrigation are particularly vulnerable.
But they're particularly rough for the lightning gun company with a sketchy past and indicted investors.
We particularly encourage people who share these commitments to submit their application.
Apparently they are still not particularly successful yet.
All the birds are spectacular, particularly the great frigate bird and white-tailed tropicbird.
Enzyme breakdown is smelly-a lipase working on grease can be particularly rancid.
Those who feel they have particularly problematic sentences are invited to the blackboard.
Brain tissue is particularly susceptible to mitochondrial deficits because neurons generally have high-energy requirements.
One particularly feisty ant climbed out of the top and tried to make a break for it.
If you live in a particularly wet climate, you might want to use an even grittier mix.
And it's information that actually isn't particularly useful to have.
Natural gas is a fossil fuel, and electricity usually comes from coal-burning power plants-neither of which is particularly green.
History can be a slippery substance, particularly when it comes to personalities.
These hydrangeas are great in any climate but do particularly well in areas where cold winters damage old wood.
Of course, particularly if you can support your critical statements in a compelling and professional way.
The favorable business climate has particularly spurred growth in banking and financial services.
Valued particularly for its leaves, which combine gray green and coppery purple.
The four-color theorem in math is a particularly egregious case.
Particularly effective in large borders alongside white-flowered or gray-foliaged plants add to my plant list.
For particularly stubborn ones, try adding a bit more hot liquid to ease them out while you whisk.
Most of the island animals, particularly birds, lost their habitat and were wiped out.
One particularly dramatic stone with a crevice was turned into a water feature.
The process is, though, proving to be particularly difficult to emulate with any great efficiency.
Athletes who play contact sports are particularly at risk.
None of us were particularly good at tennis-or at golf, either, for that matter.
Arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries is particularly dangerous, for these vessels supply blood to the muscle of the heart.
Walkthroughs are promised for the particularly tricky levels.
Herbicide chemistry may not sound particularly inspiring.
The effect can be particularly dramatic when one individual controls mating with a large number of potential partners.
Lightning is a particularly unsettling product of bad weather.
Students will be asked to think of their favorite place or a place they find particularly interesting.
His studies suggest that one small area of the brain's visual system is particularly activated by the written word.
And at a time when consumers are price sensitive, it seems particularly risky to raise rates.
Nor, more fundamentally, is the outlook for newspapers particularly good.
The birds are particularly vulnerable to environmental poisoning for many reasons.
The importance of flexibility cannot be overstated, particularly for older athletes.
It's rare in science and science writing to make definitive statements, particularly about causation.
At first glance, the island's fiscal situation does not look particularly precarious.
Seabirds, particularly albatrosses and petrels, regularly grab the baited hooks.
The aptly named snowshoe hare has particularly large feet and a winter-white coat.
The restaurant that brought new life to the downtown area still draws big crowds, particularly on weekends.
Raccoons are particularly nasty, and they're particularly clever about using their little nasty hands to get into your coop.
My office is freezing right now, so a toasty beverage is particularly appealing.
The facts that are known concerning the lives of many of the writers, particularly in the early periods, are few or none.
In the last species of composition he particularly excelled.
It is the user that determines the matter, and particularly the user's habitual way of thinking.
Ending with a digression, or with an unimportant detail, is particularly to be avoided.
He was admirable in all virtues, particularly in a heavenly meekness and humility.
It is necessary that each knows who follows whom, particularly if a theater party arrives after the curtain has gone up.
One looking at him would not have thought him particularly sharp.
The destruction of the books is particularly notable.
During a particularly harsh winter, a polar bear breaks into one of the igloos and starts wandering through the empty complex.
Being an adept communicator is important in any job, but it is particularly so for expatriates.
Studies have found that graduate school is not a particularly healthy place.
Don't be discouraged, particularly since you have such detailed feedback for revisions.
And a particularly rare one for this side of the continent.
Lightning can travel long distances in both phone and electrical wires, particularly in rural areas.
Ensure that your mobile home is properly insulated to prevent heat loss, which is particularly important in older models.
Rather, he notes that a section where dirt and boulders can protrude through the snow is particularly challenging.
They are particularly effective at night, when their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see better than much of their prey.
The wide angle is particularly appropriate for this shot-it adds quirkiness to the quality of the image.
Ask students to choose one aspect of island formation that they find particularly interesting.
Moisture is an essential ingredient in composting, particularly when you include more fibrous browns, such as dried leaves.
Air impurities from smog to pollen can take a toll on your lungs, particularly during summer.
Because king penguins are at the top of the food chain, they are particularly vulnerable to environmental changes.
Nor was the technology they attacked particularly new.
One area where convergence has been particularly evident is in banking and insurance.
More people have been jailed for more crimes-particularly non-violent drug-related crimes-and kept there longer.
Universities intent on growth in these officially austere times are particularly reliant on foreign students.
To begin with, some rehabilitation projects-particularly drug treatment-seem to work.
Bring salty snacks or sports drinks to maintain your body's electrolyte balance, particularly when hiking.
Mushrooms and beef have long been an inspired combination, and here they're joined in a particularly sophisticated way.
The pear-apple-cranberry with walnut crumble is particularly addictive.
She was particularly adroit at the art of damning with faint praise.
But when it comes to cooking, particularly the sauces, nothing can take the place of butter.
There was nothing new or particularly creative about the dish, but it was utterly delicious.
Other arts-particularly visual arts-can be ugly and derive much of their power from their ugliness.
Malaysians are particularly kind to visitors who dress modestly.
Nobody seemed particularly distracted by the commotion.
Now there's been a lot of convergence, particularly in the micro side of things.
Applause usually erupted after movements, and at times during them, if the audience heard something it particularly liked.
Plainly, this will take a large investment of capital, particularly in education.
The price structure that has evolved puts certain breeds particularly at risk.
But for for the reasons described above, recessions can be particularly dangerous for green energy.
In towns with economies still heavily reliant on agriculture, this type of natural disaster is particularly devastating.
Similarly, it is not particularly likely that these fears have consumers spending less either.
Perhaps because of the particularly tenuous nature of their little kingdom.
The cold in outer space will be intense, particularly outside of the solar system.
From an economic perspective, however, a strict balanced budget amendment isn't particularly sensible.
Writing a book--and particularly writing fiction--is a rather all-consuming experience.
Local news outlets have struggled, particularly online, an environment that's increasingly oriented toward a global audience.
It must have been particularly dull to have escaped observation before and after its close approach.
Quake says that the method could be particularly useful for applications that require small and portable devices.
Formaldehyde is toxic, but still widely used to make glues-particularly for the adhesives that hold together plywood.
It offers a way to find people who are particularly authoritative in certain domains.
The new material's chemical structure makes it particularly exciting.
Let's say upfront that the result is not a particularly powerful computer.
But the metal degrades over time, and particularly in younger patients, it may eventually have to be replaced.
But a printing approach particularly lends itself to high-volume, low-cost production.
So knowing its value is crucial, particularly if the impactor changes the asteroid's rate of rotation.
Organisms that could build proteins using these amino acids would open up new possibilities, particularly in drug development.
Traffic congestion is a huge problem nationwide, particularly in downtown areas.
The technology is based on a decade of research elucidating how the brain controls the immune system, particularly inflammation.
One renewable sector that could be particularly vulnerable in such a scenario is the solar industry.
On the battlefield, blood is a particularly valuable commodity since it is always in high demand but scarce supply.
Chimpanzees also have peculiar adaptations in their feet that make them particularly adept in trees.
Getting oxygen to the beetles' legs was particularly constraining on size, however.
Some research populations are particularly vulnerable and need special protection.
In the big scheme of things, land vertebrates have never been particularly diverse.
When particularly strong or slow winds flow over angled blades, the blades can lose lift and stop rotating.
Costs have grown, particularly as engineers realized the limitations of their technology.
What is particularly remarkable about imprinted genes is that a lot of them play a role in shaping the brain.
We humans are particularly spectacular rule breakers.
Though there is some neural activity, there is no brain activity, particularly no consciousness.
Sixty years ago when they were new, they didn't, not particularly reliably.
And indeed, players were particularly likely to imitate rocks and scissors.
Often it pays for one species to monitor the dialogues of others, particularly when predator warnings are involved.
Neither scenario would be particularly good news in the context of modern climate change.
In its discussions of the momentum of climate change, however, it does introduce one particularly disturbing statistic.
Exciting as it is, none of this reading is particularly useful to them.
They fail for other reasons as well, particularly the objectivity of those making the guidelines.
The entire topic dissolves quickly because its scope becomes too large and its outlines too indefinable to be particularly useful.
Trump, unlike the rest of the room, did not find any of it particularly amusing.
There is nothing particularly wholesome or friendly about it.
Many people found my father to be a genius, particularly when it came to mathematical skills.
Jake obsessively counts and is particularly fixated on one particular number sequence.
One of the first items that came up was a particularly grisly prop: a briefly glimpsed dead body.
And they will get you a long way in life-particularly in the absence of looks or talent.
But the last two years have been particularly busy for both of them.
Particularly when the genre's narratives involve struggle, hardship or killing.
True, it's not exactly heavy, but it also isn't particularly engaging.
It was the governor's own imperial mien, after all, that will make this fall from grace particularly bruising.

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