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The immune system works, in part, by making antibodies that are specific to particular sorts of hostile molecule.
Now they want to know the exact formula for how much a particular commodity affects the price of a good.
Every issue will focus on a particular dish or ingredient.
Another may experience a certain taste upon hearing a particular sound.
His particular emotions may be simple, or crude, or flat.
In particular, the manufacture of new verbs went on at a rapid pace.
To many teachers he would represent much, but he would not be anything in particular.
Google Alerts can help you stay abreast of a particular topic, such as a developing news story.
It is unique to the human race: no other species produces elaborate sound for no particular reason.
People's lives are grounded in particular places.
You don't need to go to any particular school or graduate program.
His particular interest is astronomy, and he'd love to go to outer space.
Each of these affects the types of plants you can grow in a particular location.
The better you can accommodate its particular traits, the happier your dog.
Windows and skylights are particular points of vulnerability, as their materials will break or burn at relatively low heat.
Paula loved a particular spot where the trees form a dome over a pond.
In certain seasons the smelt come in to spawn after high tide at particular times of the month.
In each case, pieces are chosen to enhance that particular garden, and sometimes a new piece is made especially for the show.
Which all sounds fine and dandy until you start applying it to particular cases.
In particular, the role of perfume as an olfactory disguise is obvious.
In particular, it is struggling to find a growth strategy that will enthuse disgruntled shareholders.
The value of learning any particular language is increased by the number of people who already speak it.
All such losses are regrettable, but two deaths in particular are a puzzle.
They were interested in the evolution of language and, in particular, in the linguistic capabilities of great apes.
In particular, they said that they were getting more energy out of the process than they put into it.
There may be doubts about the wisdom of this particular acquisition.
Barriers to exit make it more difficult for a company to get out of a particular business than it would otherwise have been.
Each of these economies had particular features that made them vulnerable.
Segmentation is the process of slicing a market for a particular product or service into a number of different segments.
So they are turning to social scientists, and in particular to anthropologists, the better to understand how telephones are used.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that a common reason for choosing a particular school is the helpfulness of the admissions office.
In particular, they are interested in a field known as gene therapy.
But what happens in between, in particular the presentation of evidence, will happen off-camera.
Their original experiment used a genetic switch to regulate production of a particular receptor molecule for serotonin.
But it is impossible to tell how much of the employment growth at these kinds of firms relates to a particular industry.
In other ways, the gathering disappointed, in particular by the absence of some important stakeholders.
The bank's bad property loans are a particular headache.
Of course, life will arise only in those particular universes, so observers will only ever see that set of conditions.
Flat beings with flat implements, and in particular flat rigid measuring-rods, are free to move in a plane.
IT is a question of some nicety to decide how much must be read of any particular poet.
They have not learned any particular religion, but they have learned their own particular profession well.
And the first two essays, in particular, struck a note of challenge to all the popular critics of the day.
The right method of speaking and pronouncing established by the custom of each particular nation.
The vocabulary, in particular, is notably dissimilar.
Particular acts of parliament, however, still attempt sometimes to regulate wages in particular trades and in particular places.
They have great merit, but seldom the particular merit of the originals.
All these make their particular appeal, and even to indicate the character of each would be impossible in these pages.
It was annoying to listen to it at night and that particular mouse died much earlier than the others.
Figuring out the function and origin of a particular structure is a complicated process.
Alcoholic beverages aren't the only things that taste best at particular temperatures.
Second, the main job of any particular gene is to instruct cells to make its corresponding protein.
It inspired me to become a filmmaker of a particular type of movie.
The third specimen, however, is not attributed to any particular dinosaur.
Ethnic divisions, in particular, can trump demography.
On this particular rainy fall afternoon, however, the auditorium is quiet-though not for lack of activity.
Waldo in particular became a zealous guardian, chasing off curious locals who got wind of all the artifacts.
We think that might have been the case with this particular watch.
Climate has something to do with it, but so does the prevalence of champion big-tree hunters in a particular state.
It came from teaching students who, in the course of working through a particular project, were unhappy with how it was evolving.
That's a welcoming home ceremony, and generally they're held in an armory that is where the particular unit is from.
They won't all be the same, but they will probably trend toward some particular end.
Or it might appear to be a particular insect in order to lure that insect's predator or parasite.
Natural selection had fallen out of favor, in particular over the matter of animal coloration.
Thus, manipulating a particular brain area usually results in a particular change of a particular behavior.
Clouds form whenever and wherever there is more water in a particular volume of the atmosphere than it can hold as vapor.
Finding could explain why ethnic groups suffer from particular common diseases.
Scientists have found that ingesting a particular plant extract prior to drinking may cut the risk of a severe hangover in half.
It is the vehicle by which the soul of each particular culture comes into the material world.
Made of microscopic metal bars arranged into interlocking lattices, photonic crystals trap light of a particular frequency inside.
In such cases, the guitar starts vibrating excessively at a particular frequency and this vibration produces an audible tone.
Unfortunately, scientists have yet to master that particular gift of gab.
It's doubtful that they experience any pain, they may actually derive joy from being at odds with the particular group.
But each fairy is attracted only to a particular color.
Fortunately, the majority of people do not seem to share my particular troubles with speed dating.
Sometimes, data that is needed to decipher how atmospheric conditions affected a particular location and case is not available.
The article is written for someone that has an in-depth knowledge of the particular space research this article is based upon.
We are talking about a particular defect possibly providing a particular benefit.
So equating the treatment of depression with the use of only one medication, in particular an antidepressant, is misleading.
The steps must be repeatable, to guard against mistake or confusion in any particular experimenter.
That's a report on a particular pattern of behavior, and an evolutionary story to explain the behavior.
New communications technology and platforms in particular are arriving fast and furiously.
Think of a résumé as a compelling introduction of your experiences and skills as they relate to a particular career or job.
For decades it has been happening everywhere in academe, but nowhere in particular.
We seek scholars with a particular interest in undergraduate teaching in a residential setting.
It turns out the particular spider blamed for the costly webs that can cause blockages are cagey little buggers.
Traveling light can pose a particular challenge when you're heading for the seas.
Found sheds provide key information on the health of deer in the area and give valuable details on the status of particular deer.
Certain instances may require you to find out how many seats are available on a particular flight before you buy your ticket.
Click a month to see the peaks and valleys in giving to particular recipients.
Your strategy should be to emphasize the experience and skills that a particular employer is looking for.
What those guys do, however, is provide a particular service to particular people.
The new paper suggests that as the crystals formed, they received a particular alignment.
Each celebration could feature foods particular to that season, such as strawberries in summer or roasted chestnuts in winter.
Have students discuss the reasons why that structure is located in its particular place.
It is a flash of the human spirit, the means by which the soul of each particular culture reaches into the material world.
Those locales never deviated from standard time within their particular time zones.
The genetic variations can be used to identify susceptibility to a particular disease and to pinpoint targets for drug treatments.
No single map can show everything, so the features portrayed on each map are selected to fit a particular purpose.
No single map can show everything, and the features depicted on each map are selected to fit a particular purpose.
But males in particular duel constantly to establish dominance.
Have them select a photograph that shows the type of transportation they would use to get to that particular location.
By contrast, a genome is the full set of genes that gives rise to a particular species.
The humpback, in particular, can eat more than a ton of krill in one day.
Human migration affects the distribution of population and the size of the population in particular areas.
Governments all over the world have protected natural areas of particular value or beauty.
Each piece in the repertoire is appropriate to particular types of spirit ceremonies.
For example, the width of tree rings is a measure of how well a tree grew in a particular year.
Teachers can continue to use the same handouts, too, which may be pegged to the particular calculator.
The particular mineral mix endows the stone with its particular color.
For years science has maintained a rather aloof stance toward domestic animals in general, and toward dogs in particular.
Instead, it ranks countries according to a slew of indicators that highlight particular values.
That's a pretty high price projection, particular for a scenario where you're expecting a huge boost in natural gas supplies.
Rosemary's piney scent is so particular you could never mistake it for any other herb.
Holley cooks in order to be fully present in a particular moment.
Fresh herbs, in particular, are my biggest weakness.
Now chefs, as a rule, don't hold on to any particular secret tricks.
The night before, he had asked our waiter to scoop our rice from a particular place in the pot.
And that would be fine, if he derived any particular cinematic inspiration from his paradigm.
The work prints in particular give insight into what made the book succeed.
We can comfort ourselves by saying that this particular storm was not necessarily caused by global warming.
If a rat is trained to recognize sounds at a particular frequency, the corresponding region of the tone map will get bigger.
It's the nature of memory in general and musical memory in particular that it has this accuracy.
But this particular caterpillar is already dead, and its corpse has been protected by two unseen and unlikely partners.
Yet one should keep in mind that these three strains of influenza may not even exist in a particular flu season.
Ie, they are asking whether these are the right words to be attaching to certain indisputable features of a particular theory.
Yet that advantage carries with it a particular problem-melding the reports into a clear story that gives the whole picture.
Many cuts of meat--red meat in particular--are high in the saturated fats that have been linked to heart disease.
They are content to show that such an advantage exists for a particular inherited difference, thus exemplifying natural selection.
The playwright had to tailor his drama to the resources of a particular acting company.
Indeed, sharp diversities also exist within particular regions-sometimes even within a particular country.
Being a marine painter-showing harbor life, particular ships, naval battles-clearly held the deepest claim on him.
In particular, they are studying the use of uranium deuteride.
But it is natural to wonder why the economy has evolved in this particular way.
From the first the reader is captivated by his surprise that this particular writer should be a witness to this particular event.
The advertising schedule is then matched to the demos of a particular neighborhood.
Videos on a laptop prompt her to make particular signs.
Microwaves of a particular frequency behave as if objects inside the cylinder aren't there--but everything remains in plain view.
There's no shortage of people who say they know how to predict whether the stock market will go up or down on a particular day.
But it may be that the particular combination of genetic factors in the ancient strain was more deadly.
The user hears a particular note played by any of eight instruments and has to decide which one.
Pharmaceutical researchers routinely sift through databases of small molecules looking for drugs to match a particular protein.
Those who opt in fill out surveys detailing their medical histories and specifics about particular conditions.
In particular, they have the potential to change the way consumers interact with their televisions.
And yet, look again at the collectibles, three in particular.
Our particular chubby, oyster-eyed fellow dumps off a pair of menus and a large book without a word or the offer of a drink.
T he economic debate takes on particular potency in the developing world.
The situation is a little different on the particular mesa we're traversing, though.
But this particular show was different, extraordinarily different.
In this particular section of the show, there is a feeling of celestial serenity in both artists' work.
To make certain, you can call a particular facility and ask.

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