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Example sentences for particle accelerator

Now, a new use for an old particle accelerator is poised to reveal more of his thoughts.
One way to do this would be to produce it in a particle accelerator.
He and others fear a particle accelerator could pose hazards such as radiation leak risks to nearby residences.
But not every suburban household boasts its own particle accelerator.
Lightning appears to be nature's own particle accelerator after all.
There are three ways that a particle accelerator could hypothetically end our world.
Don't be too concerned that the world's largest particle accelerator is about to go online.
Now you need a particle accelerator that straddles the border between two countries.
The same method could also be used with a twist, employing a particle accelerator instead of a reactor.
But a particle accelerator with the diameter of our solar system might do the trick.
If you can operate a particle accelerator, you can master the logistics of a hair dryer.
The particle accelerator they invented was the great-granddaddy of all those built ever since.
Luminosity is a measure of how efficiently a particle accelerator produces collision events.
These experiments work as follows: a particle accelerator accelerates electrons and positrons to high energies.
The free electrons and the lightning electric field then make up a natural particle accelerator.
Magnets are crucial components of every particle accelerator around the world.
Accelerator-produced radioactive material means any material made radioactive by a particle accelerator.
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