parsimonious in a sentence

Example sentences for parsimonious

He wrung the tax code dry, penny by penny, with parsimonious business deductions and luxurious benefits as a college professor.
The comparatively-parsimonious new budget gave an excuse to get rid of those projects.
The recession gives parsimonious innovators a chance to go global.
As a spectacle, it makes the wide screen look parsimonious.
Lately, clients have learnt to be parsimonious with their marketing budgets.
His preparations and outfit were accordingly contracted and parsimonious.
Not everyone with cash to give away is so seemingly parsimonious.
Plus, we had worked extra hours for a particularly parsimonious studio.
For one thing, those banks left standing after the bust will be far more parsimonious with consumer credit.
Of course, the more parsimonious explanation seems to be that there are alternative explanations of the gap.
They are ostentatiously parsimonious, advertising their determination to keep prices down.
The theme here, in any event, is that you can be parsimonious and still have fun.
Hopefully such a parsimonious theory can be found in this case.
Ideally, a parsimonious explanation of the stereotype threat effect would account for both upward and downward change.
Neither proposal is parsimonious, for three reasons.
But those that spend a fortune do not, on average, outperform their more parsimonious peers.
The simpler and more parsimonious thesis is that if moderates withdraw from the field, they'll empower radicals.
When you have such an obvious culprit, reaching for an incredibly rare one isn't terribly parsimonious.
The authors do not find it parsimonious, though they can not reject it as totally without foundation.
Otherwise, there would be patterns somewhere in it that could be described using relatively parsimonious mathematical statements.
The resulting framework combines, in a single parsimonious model and accounting for correlations, the three major sources of risk.
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