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Example sentences for parse

Parse the call for proposals thoroughly, and make sure your proposal deals with all the criteria.
Maybe, as you say, you didn't parse the two out clearly enough.
It is the scientists' job to parse out exactly what is the relevance of our work to the public, as you do here.
As a result, different dentists parse the images differently.
They would be loathe to tell you they cheat, and are a lot craftier in the way they parse words.
Even with mountains of data and the tools to parse them, people's tastes remained elusive.
So this author parsed out the data one way, and you can choose to parse it another way.
Authority is a rather mysterious quality, and it's almost impossible to parse it for its components.
If a few say you don't grade fairly, then you have to parse that out and figure out what they may have had a problem with.
Find someone who can parse my sentence and you'll get your answer.
So the next time you hear serious-sounding people explaining the need for fiscal austerity, try to parse their argument.
No focus group-tested positions that slip through your fingers when you try to parse them.
The genre was an antidote to complexity, enjoyed precisely because of its apparent lack of any subtext to parse or interpret.
And if you want to parse the secrets of a species' behavior, you need to see it both in panorama and in miniature.
Any attempt to parse a quote of his might take into account the fact that he often deliberately played the provocateur.
McNally tries to parse out to what extent our biology dictates our mental health.
It is simply not possible to parse, let alone respond to unashamed gibberish.
And once that way is verbalized, put into specific words with specific meanings, it becomes all the more difficult to parse.
The default presentation is exceedingly simple, but you can parse the data for a more granular snapshot.
The kids aren't likely to parse the fine points of the script's psychology.
Some computer programs are already able to parse basic information from inputs that don't match exact commands.
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