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Example sentences for paroxysm

He thinks the protest is a paroxysm of rage that merely reveals the underlying weakness of his opponents.
It was especially bad at night: I'd lie down to sleep and that would trigger a paroxysm.
Lately we seem to be in a paroxysm of worry about the way they spend their time.
We have all moved collectively from paroxysm through catharsis.
But it is also possible that the sun, in its final paroxysm, may explode.
Clasping each other in a paroxysm of anguish, they are engulfed by tears.
At that point, the Government undergoes a paroxysm of coming to policy closure.
With the threat of a civil war seemingly removed, the city welcomed him in a paroxysm of joy and relief.
The doctor's face distorted itself in a paroxysm of fury.
For a moment, he falters in a paroxysm of fear and grief.
In the trees outside, a nation of birds had replaced the bats and were now atwitter in a paroxysm of meaningless life.
The evidence of a prehistoric paroxysm of the crust is imprinted on these heights.
At the end of the paroxysm, a long inspiratory effort is usually accompanied by a characteristic high-pitched whoop.
The release of merozoites from erythrocytes initiates the chills and fever of a typical malaria paroxysm.
Perry's paroxysm injected an imponderable into the equation.
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