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Add to Hollywood's list of seemingly fail-safe movie genres: the parody.
Thanks for the laugh with your parody email, I really needed it.
She won an international reputation for her sophisticated wit, use of parody, and vivacity.
Dictators cannot abide parody, as it makes them appear vulnerable.
At times the prose is transparent, at others it humorously calls attention to the mystery novel genre with light parody.
Of course, while Warhol's strategy worked, it only did so because it was an implicit parody of the system of artistic fetishism.
It's surely a parody or joke.
Nevertheless, with his gentle gaiety, he begins his work with a parody of Milton.
Kids familiar with environmental issues will appreciate this deft parody, and the message about cooperation will be welcome, too.
The consequence was that a flavour of parody pervaded almost all the political ballads of the day.
Because science isn't about something being true or not true: that's a humanities graduate parody.
Look at it another way, however, and the election is in danger of seeming a parody of democracy.
Only occasionally do they rise above broad parody, though.
But its success is inseparable from its extreme quirkiness and self-parody.
Well, it's one of those words that's been overused to the point of self-parody.
It got funnier, smarter, richer in allusion and parody.
They are a parody of the minimalist doctrine that all painting had become obsolete.
The site's entries were edited to include parody-style riffs on topics and bogus source citations.
So are rock bands who worry about becoming too big and too predictable, a parody of their own hits.

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