parochialism in a sentence

Example sentences for parochialism

One big obstacle is the parochialism of consumers in wine-producing countries.
The study found that it is possible to exploit investors' parochialism to beat the stock market.
In the end the resistance that she and the city have encountered has to do mostly with parochialism and selfishness.
Despite its lofty tone, the design reeks of parochialism, not bold ideas.
One's own civilization or nation must be firmly placed within a truly global context, so as to avoid parochialism.
Parochialism must be put aside and cooperation must prevail before and after an emergency event.
There is no room for parochialism in the endeavor to reduce illegal drugs and their consequence.
The parochialism that permeates the region is costly and, at times, counterproductive.
We are not going to let turf and parochialism get in the way of what is right for our country.
Hence, to speak of all of their dissents as born of a narrow parochialism is not to tell the full story.
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