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Demonstrations there have been relatively orderly, directed mainly at the country's parliamentary government.
They were merely acting from hand to mouth to avert the parliamentary censure with which they were threatened.
Parliamentary approval for any additional reforms could prove difficult, however, because of the parliament's even split.
Civilian politicians in weak and fledgling parliamentary systems come and go.
He has now been exonerated by the parliamentary committee on legal affairs.
The bomb attacks have been probed in a criminal trial and parliamentary investigations.
Egregious parliamentary privileges remain untouched.
Parliamentary debate turned rancorous, with accusations of bad faith hurled around on live television.
He also set up a parliamentary committee to review the electoral system.
He made his speech there in order to benefit from parliamentary privilege.
The parliamentary motion to form an investigating committee must be approved before that body can be formed.
And the numerous fraud allegations mean that the results of the parliamentary election may not be known for months.
The country follows a parliamentary system and elections take place regularly.
Parliamentary procedure exists to facilitate the transaction of business and to promote cooperation and harmony.

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