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The country set aside 24 of 80 seats in its parliament for women.
Checks and balances which moderate the power of parliament and that of the emperor are prescribed constitutionally.
This is an internet discussion board, not a house of parliament.
The ombudsman also submits a yearly report to the parliament.
To get anything through parliament needs the supreme leader's blessing.
He was due to depart after the speech to parliament.
It disbanded both houses of parliament and promised to repeal the emergency laws, though only when conditions permit.
On Wednesday, about 200 people gathered near the parliament building to protest the government's proposal as lawmakers convened.
The guidelines will be written into a bill and sent to parliament.
He had spent the better part of his eight-year regime as president, military chief and overseer of a compliant parliament.
The college, ultimately, was seized by parliament during the interregnum.
Local meeting place attracts everyone from students to members of parliament for food and conversation.
She also serves as an elected official in the regional parliament.
Parliament resolved to build a new home for itself, complete with a giant tower.
The parliament, as they see it, did what parliaments are meant to do-hold the executive to account.
President, without executive powers, elected by parliament for a five-year term.
The interim government will have to contend with the same cantankerous parliament that made life miserable for the old leadership.
Regardless of who wins, the closely divided parliament will be a challenge to the new president.
Each member of parliament can do two things: propose an act and vote for or against acts.
They already tried to get this through parliament once and it was shot down, they'll keep trying till it gets in.
We are doing our best to reach elections for the parliament and a new president.
Nobody can expect a parliament to stablish what is good and what is evil.
Most importantly, they decided to convene the first session of the new parliament two days before the anniversary.
He was successful and made money and went into parliament.
It will do so in part by manipulating a parliament ready to cooperate with it.
Bills are introduced by the executive and adopted by parliament with little attention and few modifications.

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