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Example sentences for parlance

In military parlance it is known as friendly fire, but there is nothing friendly about it.
Areas outside of these zones are known in nautical parlance as the high seas.
In the parlance of economists, this is information asymmetry.
In chemical parlance an organic molecule need not necessarily have come from a living creature.
They are heavily-invaded, in the parlance of the scientists.
In the parlance of the digital age, quality writing went viral.
Other faculty members have suffered what, in modern parlance, is called an epic fail during their evaluation.
And this one had nothing to do with technology parlance.
It was, in modern parlance, an extremely high-value-added process.
And in modern psychiatric parlance, the long-lasting residue of horror is called post-traumatic stress disorder.
In medical parlance, a drop in blood pressure is known as shock.
Managing it will require mitigating whatever harms it causes: adaptation, in the standard parlance.
In time, common parlance will simply refer to all of the above as married.
In tourism-industry parlance, that's a niche market.
Then she went multi-platform, in the parlance of media managers, of which she is one.
In the parlance of camping aficionados, gather supplies for your personal camp kit.
In military parlance, he never storms a beach, he let's others do it.
He never was investigated for it and those under him were acquitted and thus in the parlance were wrongfully indicted.
That's retail parlance for visiting designers' showrooms, looking for the next hot thing to buy.
Each professional specialty has its own unique parlance and nomenclature.
They might search for words that are no longer used in common parlance today.
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