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Parenting styles have been and always will be a subject of hot debate.
We need to have social policy that makes parenting the responsibility of both parents, and that gives them help.
Harried moms, make time for one more thing: a new book club to discuss parenting books.
Two-career couples and single moms have little spare time for parenting.
The second is about how to reshape jobs around our ideals of parenting.
Sometimes the opportunities for parenting don't come as easily.
Among prairie voles, the males not only share parenting duties, they will even lick and nurture pups that aren't their own.
For me it is a combo of working, school and parenting.
Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual or training wheels.
And this is with a remarkably cooperative co-parenting arrangement where she sees both parents every day.
So much for sleep as a measure of my parenting skills.
Formal study is part of it, but so is the value of time spent parenting.
Mothers and fathers often have differing approaches to parenting.
And tagging content with labels is creating online communities that share everything from concert news to parenting tips.
Getting pleasure out of parenting has obvious evolutionary benefits.
Cuckoos aren't the only birds that leave parenting to others.
She has authored three books, as well as numerous articles on parenting and website content involving green living.
Don't see that as failure on your part, or genius parenting on my part.
As with many pediatrics residencies, mine included nothing on the practical aspects of parenting.
The interesting question he doesn't ask is what this would do to the politics of parenting.
But a subtler look at these fossils reveal much more about dinosaur parenting than the simple fact that it existed.
We also changed our parenting skills with great success.
Autism was believed to be caused by bad parenting-a failure of the home environment, not an innate deficit.
Our previous fathers actually did do the better job parenting and matters of social and fiscal responsibilities.
It was enough that they were with other members of their high caste, and that the burden of parenting had disappeared for a while.
Even though the kids are off school and routines are in complete disarray, don't let your parenting skills take a vacation.
Parenting is not for the weak-kneed or faint of heart.

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