parenthetical in a sentence

Example sentences for parenthetical

Italic emphasis and parenthetical abbreviations are from the report.
But for me, student tuition deserves more than a parenthetical aside.
If your parenthetical comment was an attempt at humor, you might want to focus your time and energy on structuring arguments.
We added a parenthetical in the introductory text to clear up any confusion over who is pictured.
In conversation, they often detour into parenthetical tangents, never returning to the main point.
The example of parenthetical pyrotechnics in the paragraph above is a form of wordplay.
It depends on whether you have a parenthetical citation after the quotation.
In fact, the solicitation treats it as an afterthought, tucked away in a parenthetical aside.
There was a strange, allusive, parenthetical quality to the writing.
The parenthetical number at the end tells us the number of letters in the answer.
Apologies for the long post and overuse of parenthetical comments.
In both cases, the effort to add information in a parenthetical way went off track.
Mostly, though, people in need seem to be a parenthetical phrase in the rosy rhetoric of sustained expansion.
Oops, didn't see your parenthetical about how the neutrinos did arrive faster.
In that parenthetical, one glimpses the failure of our war.
The student realized there was a source requirement for this essay with a citations page, parenthetical citations, and the lot.
Parenthetical words however must be enclosed in commas.
Filers should include the parenthetical amounts in the label of the element and not neglect to tag the parenthetical amounts.
Parenthetical definitions such as these are unnecessary.
Parenthetical expressions are brief descriptions of events happening in the courtroom.
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