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Example sentences for parentheses

Here are restaurants that plan to open later this year or early next year, on the dates in parentheses.
The other permitted alternative was to spell out the name and then give the acronym in parentheses.
If the trade name differs from the common name, it is given in parentheses.
Their developers or producers are listed in parentheses.
In the script for a play, much more is added in parentheses to characterize action.
It was treated as a pair of parentheses with nothing in between.
His weathered cheeks etched parentheses around his mouth.
The price in parentheses is the modern price, adjusted for inflation.
Figures of speech, parentheses, and punctuation demand notice.
Their uniform hairstyle, usually the shape of gilded parentheses, was telling.
The prose is scrappy, disorganized, and full of these parentheses and cancellations.
Listings include the week's ranking, with viewership for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses.
In general, words and phrases should be set off by commas rather than parentheses.
If a designation that already contains parentheses must be enclosed within parentheses, do not change the designation.
Parentheses can be used to affect the order in which the statement is read.
In the table, standard errors are shown in parentheses.
If the instrument is a codicil, the language in parentheses should be included.
The expressions in parentheses are evaluated before the rest of the query.
The display is given as an alphabetic code denoting the direction, with degrees from north in parentheses.
Shooting is allowed from elevated tree stands, except as noted in parentheses.
Thus the value in parentheses refers to the last significant digits given.
The postmark date of the report is enclosed in parentheses.
The backslash isn't necessary if the line break is inside parentheses.
The names in parentheses are the names used at the time of the commission's trip.
The expression is treated as if it were within double quotes, but a double quote inside the parentheses is not treated specially.
Information may be enclosed in parentheses after the basic citation when useful or when recommended because of the signal used.

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I hold that the parentheses are by far the most important parts of a non-business letter.... more
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