pare in a sentence

Example sentences for pare

First you need to pare down your teaching prep and teaching time.
Physicians called it insane, saying it would do nothing to help plump patients pare down to healthier weights.
And the service is currently looking to pare back, rather than increase, its workforce.
Governments that boost spending in bad times rarely pare it back later.
Pare down your current expenses as much as possible.
Start with your big question and then pare it down to something that's manageable.
It's a good time to pare back to doing only essentials.
Cut off the flat top and bottom skin, then simply pare the circular edge with a small knife.
However, the appliance business has begun to pare down the high-end beauties to fit comfortably in the less-roomy kitchen.

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I know you not, this room never, the swollen dress I wear, nor the anonymous spoons that free me, nor this calendar nor ... more
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