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Example sentences for pardon

The power to pardon traditionally belongs to the president.
Sheesh, please pardon the typos in my last two posts.
Pardon me if this political screed seems out of place here.
The autogyro is a pilot program, if you'll pardon the pun.
Among the new occupations or pursuits that have recently sprung up here is that of the pardon broker, or advocate.
The government announced a pardon for acts of political violence committed during the election campaign earlier this year.
Please pardon my previous unintended mention of anti-molecules, which have never been detected.
It was, if you'll pardon the expression, a paradigm switch.
Pardon my unruly critical thought processes, but in my experience only ideas that can survive criticism and refinement are useful.
But the swan song remains the same, pardon the paraphrase.
Pardon me, this comment was meant for the alzheimers article.
Pardon my intrusion, but there's no need to search for dark matter if you understand the origin of its hypothesis.
As president, he might let it proceed, and simply pardon himself if he is convicted.
But as more urbanites become aware of the free bounty surrounding them, new issues are--pardon the pun--cropping up.
The mind reels, pardon the pun, at what strange possibilities could emerge from it.
The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them.
And offenders should not count on receiving a presidential pardon.
They threw themselves at her feet, begging her pardon for all the ill-usage they had made her suffer.
If an offender applies for a pardon, a hearing will be held.
All letters in favor of pardon, clemency, or commutation of sentence are subject to public inspection.

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