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The project will also capture steam for use as water in the parched country.
Somehow, more than a million people squeeze life from this parched land.
Snakes that thrived in moist marshes in the country are now fleeing their parched habitats for nearby towns.
The water is filtered on its way out as it drops sweet hydration into your parched mouth.
But exploiting the surplus would require much more trade in food from damp spots to the parched ones.
In the parched and scorching desert, the saguaro is the center of life.
Besides these, few birds or even insects frequent these dry parched up mountains.
Golfers seriously paying to play in parched air, on unnaturally green signature courses.
We had traveled across steep terrain as parched and depleted as it was remote.
Livestock prices again reflected the reduction in stock prompted by rising feed costs and parched pastures.
Once the services start to die, the farms disappear starved and parched.
You're parched, so you reach for the tube of your hydration pack.
Choose treatments from acupuncture to aqua zen, or a facial to soothe parched skin.
The parched, lizard-ridden landscape becomes lush as they journey.
The sleeper parched of his dreams, or purged of his nightmares, goes swiftly bonkers: without fantasy there is no reality.
These plains are flooded during the rainy season, dry and parched in the summer, and often burned by fires.
Sweat poured from her forehead as she whispered her story through parched lips covered with sores.
Many are dry for years, their waters long since soaked up by the parched ground and left as a chain of water holes.
Sure, it's been a mild winter, but it's still chilly enough for parched paws.
Baked by a desert sun and deliberately starved of water, the plants were parched and nearly dead.
The canyon has water running year round and is a true oasis in this parched land.
Parched natural vegetation becomes natural tinder under these conditions.
Even in this parched climate, the effects of weathering take their toll on rock.
To the east lies the desert, parched and relentless.
Natural water sources in the park are scarce, and the land appears parched.
Give us and our dogs our daily bread, and our negroes their full pecks of parched corn or cotton seeds per week.

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