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Example sentences for parasitism

Yet parasitism is widespread and can affect behavior, reproduction and other aspects of the lives of hosts.
Chapman is trying to determine how nutrition and parasitism operate synergistically to influence primate population size.
Mortality is affected by bad weather, predation, parasitism and infectious diseases.
And in such a complete case of parasitism, even the former caterpillar's genome could have been reduced.
Dogs have not quite reached that point in their parasitism of human society.
At first glance, this approach might seem to bear out the charge of parasitism.
Probably both: it was a case of symbiotic parasitism.
All these are complicated questions, and unfortunately there's a lot of room for over-simplification and personal parasitism.
Evolutionarily, it seems to me that the best way to regard the marmoset story is as parasitism.
Scientists also will look at parasitism of songbird nests by cowbirds, predation and the reproductive success of songbirds.
Some species have developed ways to combat cowbird nest parasitism.

Famous quotes containing the word parasitism

As sure as time is—these mists will clear away. And the world—our world, will surely and unerringly see us as we are... more
[Woman's] life-long economic parasitism has utterly blurred her conception of the meaning of equality.... more
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