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From fungi to flies, some parasitic species have figured out how to control their host's behavior to get what they need.
Parasitic wasps dive-bomb ants, injecting their eggs into ant bodies.
It's easy to list every vaccine that can prevent a parasitic disease in humans.
They then did the same thing for the number of parasitic diseases found in each country.
In the wild, these parasitic wasps cruise the landscape seeking out insect targets.
Agricultural scientists have also looked at controlling fruit flies with parasitic wasps.
If you find grubs, treat your lawn with beneficial parasitic nematodes.
Almost any statement about the role of parasitic viruses is speculation.
The vast majority of government jobs are parasitic to the economy.
The scientists catalogued and weighed all of the plants, animals and parasitic species living in three river estuaries.
Then an infectious-disease doctor diagnosed a parasitic infection, continuing to treat it even as the symptoms kept getting worse.
They are a pallid, parasitic sort of thing whose fungal relatives infest your feet.
The diagnosis was an abscess caused by a parasitic infection, toxoplasmosis.
It constricts innovation, and makes it a dependent parasitic life-form.
Get rid of this self serving parasitic organization.
While financial innovation boosts the income of a happy parasitic minority, it is mainly a drag on the rest of us.
Eventually, the parasitic dodder feeds on all the nutrients of the host plant, and the host plant dies.
During its life cycle, the parasitic trematode depends on several hosts, including pond snails.
Eventually the parasitic caterpillar pupates, later emerging as an adult butterfly.
But then an individual was misdiagnosed as having amebic dysentery, a parasitic infection.
In the case of the devils, however, the transplanted material is cancer cells capable of taking on a parasitic life of their own.
The idea of parasitic mind control was especially interesting.
If that's not enough, there are also other parasitic wasps that use the fig fruit, though they do no pollinize it.
The adelgid is a tiny bug similar to an aphid, and is parasitic to hemlocks.
So it should make sense for everyone to create products attached to popular books, parasitic though the practice may seem.
One option is to install automatic disconnect circuits, which can cut down on parasitic losses.
They may eventually prove effective against fungal and parasitic infections.
The parasitic dodder plant knows how to sniff out its prey.
Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease carried by cats, can cause birth defects.
If a bunch of parasitic hourly-billers get canned you portray it as a disease perhaps beyond their faults or control.
Parasitic plants get their nutrients from other plants, called host plants.
In fact, open source might be said to be parasitic upon capitalism.
Farmed salmon, kept in unnaturally high densities, are a breeding ground for parasitic sea lice.
All but one of the dipole wire elements in a television aerial, for example, are parasitic.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
These parasitic caterpillars take up residence in the nests of red ants.
But a new study suggests that the parasitic birds are not mere opportunists.
If the condition is due to an infection, you may be treated with an antibiotic or anti-parasitic medication.
Bacterial, parasitic, fungal and granulomatous liver diseases.
There the flukes do some parasitic voodoo on their hosts.
From vampire bats to parasitic catfish, a new book spells out the secret lives of plasma-loving beasts.
He has shown that a parasitic fly, usually known for attacking bumblebees, also targets honeybees.
Some wasps parasitize other parasitic wasps, and these hyperparasites in turn are parasitized by other wasps, and these by others.
Parasitic flatworms wage war on one another in the body of a castrated snail.
Bacterial and parasitic contamination concerns go way down when dealing with appropriately cooked foods.
Scientists discover a parasitic fly with an unusual ear for cricket songs.

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