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For the first time, the parasite that causes malaria has been observed invading the cells of a mosquito's gut.
Birds line their nests with parasite-resistant herbs.
If approved, it will be the only vaccine ever generally administered against a human parasite.
In the seven stages of a chigger's life, the larva stage is the only one when it is a parasite.
But which parasite? There are dozens, each with a different treatment.
The malaria parasite has a complex life-cycle.
Until the last century, few people on Earth were parasite-free.
The mere fact that one organism grows on another is not sufficient criterion for considering it to be a parasite.
Three years ago the company was considered a parasite and a scourge.
If you are the first, then you are a parasite; if the second, then you are an oasis in the desert.
Once the parasite lands on a crab, it makes its way to a joint in the crustacean's exoskeleton.
Or it might appear to be a particular insect in order to lure that insect's predator or parasite.
Individuals with less hair were perhaps less likely to get parasite-borne diseases.
Parasite singles may spend their money on expensive jewelry and cars.
Natural pearls occur when foreign material, usually a stone or parasite, enters an oyster's shell and it can't expel the irritant.
Secondly, finding human pathogens in human blood in a parasite isn't evidence they transmit those diseases.
The pathogen becomes a parasite causing little harm.
Malaria can be carried by mosquitoes in temperate climates, but the parasite disappears over the winter.
He also considers himself a parasite, living off the talents of his clients.
He had expected to see the delicate rings of the malaria parasite within red blood cells.
If that wasn't bad enough, previous research has found that runoff from phosphate fertilizers also boosts parasite levels.
The prophage is little more than a genetic parasite.
Meanwhile, the ladybird stands guard over its own parasite.
Its known that parasite drag is reduced by these dimples.
Their parasite, and the disease they spread move with them.
With its jawless toothy mouth adapted to suck the blood of fish, the sea lamprey is a ferocious parasite.
The worm is a parasite, a plant or animal that lives off of other creatures.
Both the malaria parasite and the mosquitoes which spread it respond to temperature and moisture.
The current process for manufacturing it is a rather messy one involving ergot, a parasite of rye.

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