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If oppression is the system of rule, well, to paraphrase Gandhi better be oppressed by your own people than by others.
To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a car is just a car.
They're all run by -- to paraphrase Alsop delicately -- complete jerks.
To paraphrase an earlier 1955 picture and a television series that began in 1967, love is indeed a many-splendored thing.
To paraphrase, nothing about evolution depends on "random chance" as you imply.
They just churn out or paraphrase legal texts or legislation.
Too often, an intriguing scene concludes with a paraphrase, or begins with a rote set of character descriptions.
Tragedy, to paraphrase him, inevitably follows periods of isolation.
The paraphrase was imprecise.
Help students read the article about horseshoe crabs, or paraphrase the article for them.
There may not be too many fish in the sea, to paraphrase the old song, but there are certainly a lot.
There are none so blind as those that will not see,to paraphrase.
To paraphrase, the problem lies not in our social media, but in ourselves.
As for why so many think it's ok to copy or paraphrase others' ideas without referencing the original.
To paraphrase a well-known adage, when your leader steps down his or her inbox will not be empty.
It is not reduced to providing us with paraphrase or a list of elements.
She would paraphrase almost the whole storyline, and every clever bit in the movie seemed to end up in the review.
To paraphrase one of the business leaders in my state, this president and his policies have been a big wet blanket on our economy.
And you can also paraphrase information you receive from sources.
To paraphrase our good president said, legislation shouldn't be made in anger.
To paraphrase a great old movie line, the government is not too big, the people who run it are too small.
Another option would be to have students paraphrase the poem, being sure to identify the relevant plot elements.
Use the five criteria to help you develop effective paraphrase statements.
Read or paraphrase the portion of the preface that tells why this book was written.
If the applicant does not understand what is expected, the examiner must repeat or paraphrase the instructions.
First, they should write a paraphrase of the poem, expressing in their own words its plain prose meaning.

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