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Example sentences for paranoia

But he insists that he doesn't seriously advocate total paranoia, just a little common sense.
His paranoia was in high gear.
Part of the downside of sustained use is paranoia and aggressiveness.
In a business where joke-stealing paranoia abounds, the camaraderie is unusual.
Nevertheless, a third of these volunteers felt significant fears afterward, and some experienced paranoia.
No need for paranoia, but many computer crimes are inside jobs.
The result was that once the tenure process was in its final swing, something like paranoia descended on whole departments.
Our paranoia over the word "radioactivity" continues to tie our hands again and again.
When this chilling shill paranoia sets in, you question your friends and you question yourself.
He was an isolated, unhappy man racked by bouts of paranoia.
It was hardly a stretch for me to write about maternal anxiety and paranoia, for instance.
Their paranoia was the paranoia of all youthful heretics.
The seeming paranoia of the protest organizers suddenly seemed a little more real, but then again, maybe nothing would happen.
The series is nine hours of lies and paranoia, revenge and redemption, sweet and sour.
He was free of the paranoia and delusions and felt much better.
The military has been tightening the screws of censorship while peddling a brew of lies, delusion, paranoia and justification.
What is different now is the evolution of a new political organism, with paranoia as its animating principle.
If critical paranoia poisoned visual and imaginative pleasure, that was unavoidable: a toll of enlightened consciousness.
With this news, our gastronomic-related paranoia reaches its pinnacle.
It ends up sounding obsessive and fearful-a lover's paranoia creeping in.
He always defended her-when he wasn't manifesting a paranoia of his own.
It's easy to understand the emergence of a culture of paranoia coupled with a rhetoric of vengeance.
The paranoia-inducing truth is that any of these can be a crew's eyes and ears.
The sense of suspicion and paranoia seemed to me to pervade even the fancy shopping malls, tourist beaches, and expensive hotels.
He engendered fear and suspicion, a paranoia and chilling climate from which it took years to recover.
There is paranoia involved in the decisions and reasoning leading to not vaccinate.
It's the shrill level of paranoia that she's launching and other people are feeding that's the problem.
We depict a roller coaster ride of paranoia, fear, and insanity on our packaging.

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