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Such a paragon never wears jeans, or drinks alcohol, or smokes.
It's a paragon of accessible legal writing.
One of the best albums of the year so far was made by this paragon of power trios.
How privileged I was to have been introduced to book publishing by a paragon of kindness, honesty and true literary acumen.
Oddly enough, I'm not a paragon of health.
She sounds like a paragon of maturity.
Our empire was a paragon of free trade and religious tolerance.
It is a paragon of beet salad.
This is intolerable in a society that holds itself out to the world as a paragon of justice.
Enter that paragon of self-reliance, the entrepreneur.
US universities are still seen as the paragon of education and research around the globe.
And the decision of who gets the ball first is made by a coin toss, the paragon of pure chance.
It's a paragon of wasteful spending and mediocre results.
The charges are sharply at odds with the firm's jealously guarded self-image as a paragon of integrity.
Or you could say that the paragon is in fact a fraud.
JD-- there is no society that can be held up as a paragon of virtue--none.

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